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AO: The Maize

Date: 2/18/2021

Weather: 13 degrees with no wind and lots of old snow and ice on the ground

PAX (6): Ketchup, Relish, Moon Man, Cutting Edge, Crab Cakes, Hard Hat

Q: Hard Hat

Welcome: There were two pre-runners, Roadhouse & Hard Hat. After Roadhouse’s departure, the PAX ready for the beatdown were greeted. Many noticed the speaker and the coupons present in the parking lot. This morning’s workout was different than anticipated. First of all, it was 13 degrees warmer than expected, which was a pleasant surprise. Secondly, the group was smaller than expected. As such, YHC needed to reconsider the plan a little bit. After the disclaimer and various formalities common of the F3 welcome, the PAX were directed to start the warmup with a mosey through the neighborhood, around the block. On the mosey, it seemed like a good idea to detour to do some monkey humpers in Sasquash’s driveway. The problem with this was, although the Q knew which street he lives on, he could not remember which house it was. After a brief search, and not wanting to stir up any problems with the neighbors, this idea was tossed out and the group returned to the parking lot.

Warm-a-rama/Pre-Thang: Thursday Morning Fever & Chumbaburpees

This “routine” was planned as a post-thang, but fear of a frozen phone battery bumped this to a pre-thang. Thursday Morning Fever is Travolta Merkins and Monkey Humpers exercised to the tune of “Stayin’ Alive” by Bee Gees. Starting with Travolta Merkins and switching to Monkey Humpers when “Stayin’ Alive” is sang, then switching back, etc. for the duration of the song (1:33). The song then transitioned to “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba where the PAX perform side straddle hops for the duration of the song and perform a burpee everytime they hear “I get knocked down”. (4:39).

Thang: Footloose Grinder

The PAX split into two group of three. There were two cones setup in the parking lot. Group 1 would perform 25 IC reps of the exercise listed, then run through the snow to a designated point on the field, and then to Group 2 to relieve them of the AMRAP exercise they were performing.

Station 1: PUSH: Breakdance Merkins – Morrocan Night Clubs w/ a dance – Freddie Mercury’s – Rocky Balboa’s

Station 2: Coupons: Curls – Alternating Block Merkins – Military Press – Man Makers/Blockees – Big Boys w/ Block

6MOM: Crab Cakes led 20 IC Heel Touches, Moon Man led 20 Heels to Heaven, Ketchup led 20 American Hammers

COT: Inspiration for this workout came from watching “Footloose” for the first time this last week. The thing that resonated with me was how the preacher changed his approach & perspective in the story. Being someone that was striving for perfection and doing so much to control things, he had a hard time trusting others. Once he let go of that control, he seemed to experience a freedom and happiness, a less-stressful life. Sure, he still had worries, but being able to put some trust in others brought some joy into his life. His scenario had more to do with the control he had over his teenage daughter, but I feel like this is very relatable to many in their work setting, possibly family setting, maybe church setting, etc. It’s perfectly understandable to want the best for the company, church, community, etc., but it’s difficult to make things perfect by yourself. You’ve got to have trust in others for many reasons, and one is to allow you to stress a little less. There are many lessons that could be taken away from this movie, but this is one that stood out to me.

SYITG! – Hard Hat

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