2/18/2021 Futurama

Who’s on your Team?

AO: Futurama

Q: Nugent – VQ!!!

Temp: 13 degrees. Snow everywhere. Beautiful February morning

PAX: 30 –  Dr. Thunder, Vandelay, Polaroid, Khakis (Respect), Mac-n-cheese (HATE), Doppler, Retweet, Spreadsheet, Slow-Pitch, Icy Hot, Porta John, Dome, Beta Max, Othello, Spacebar, Patton (Respect), Wentworth, Sticky Bandit, Sparty, 2 Step, U-haul, Spanx, Grease Fire, Demagorgan, Cheap Seats, Frosty, Tater Tot, Side Dish, Big One, Nugent

Opener: Nugent presented the 3 F’s, the mission statement, the five core principles, and the disclaimer as follows:

F3 stand for 3 important F’s:

  • Fitness
  • Fellowship
  • Faith

Our mission statement is:

To plant, grow, and serve small workouts groups for the invigoration of male community leadership

We strive off 5 core principles:

  • Always Free
  • Open to all men
  • Always held outdoors
  • Led in a rotating fashion
  • End in a rotation fashion

Disclaimer: **Even though I somehow used to be, I no longer am a fitness professional, please modify however you may need to**

Mosey – Run to each station of “The Thang” and do a warm-a-rama exercise to understand the flow of the beat down

Warm – A – Rama:

  • 20 (IC) SSH
  • 20 (IC) Tappy Taps
  • 20 (IC) Cherry Pickers
  • 20 Body Squats

Mosey – Back to the shovel flags for the Pre-Thang


Since I was a catcher in baseball, all of the women came to see us squat behind home plate and wear tight pants and look at our glutes. We are going to do some glute/hip activation warm-up exercises. 

Everyone grab a band. **These will be yours to keep and a gift from me so you can sculpt your glutes anytime anywhere moving forward***

Put a band around your ankles. Spread out so you don’t run into anyone. We will start by moving to the right.

  • Straight leg 10x to right and 10x to left
  • Hands-on knees 10x to right and 10x to left
  • 45 degree walks 12x forward 12x backward
  • Monster walks 12x forward 12x backward
  • Put around the toes and will do 12x each leg lifts

The Thang:

Number off in groups of 4. There will be 4 locations with exercises. The center flagpole is where you run to do another exercise before you continue onto the next location. 

Flagpole exercises:

1st time through: 10x Merkins

2nd time through: 10x Dips

3rd time through: 10x Squats touching butt on the concrete

4th time through: 10x Monkey Humpers

**Rinse and Repeat**

Location 1:

  1. 15x Bobby Hurleys
  2. 15x Reverse Lunges
  3. 15x Pickle Pushers
  4. 15x SSH

**Rinse and Repeat**

Location 2:

  1. 15x Plank Jacks
  2. 15x Merkins
  3. 15x Alternating Shoulder taps
  4. 15x Hand Release Merkins

**Rinse and Repeat**

Location 3:

  1. 15x Big Boys
  2. 15x LBC’s
  3. 15x Oh Dollys
  4. 15x American Hammers

**Rinse and Repeat**

Location 4:

  1. 15x Gas Pumpers
  2. 15x Copperhead Squats
  3. 15x Mountain Climbers
  4. 5x Burpees 

**Rinse and Repeat**

Post Thang:

Mosey to the shovel flags

To finish off our glutes just right and that final burn.

Take your band and put it around your knees.

  • 15x bodyweight squats pushing the knees out
  • 30 count of glute bridge pushing the knees out

6MOM: Not at Futurama

Number off: 30 PAX total

Name – A – Rama


  • Queen service halfway through with weight in tomorrow
  • Speaking up if wanting to Q, with a lot of new sites popping up this summer will need site Q’s
  • Watch Sparty’s video on slack about the F3 scholarship


  • 2 steps friend who is going through legal trouble
  • Spartys close family friends M is having a rough time and needs prayers


First off thank you for having me Q and lead this great group of men today and be a part of the F3 brotherhood. I’ve always been a part of teams in my life. Playing multiple sports since a very young age, I’ve always been a part of a team. Playing from youth leagues, into high school, into college athletics, and even professionally for 5 years. There’s always been a team I have been a part of. I was even a captain on many of those teams leading us into the competition.

Post playing days after retirement I worked in a chiropractic sports injury clinic on a medical team. I opened a sports performance gym for 5 years and had 10 employees and was a part of that training team.

I tell my wife all the time. We are a team. Her and I together going through life as one unit.

But there has always been something missing from all of the teams. Something that takes us a while to figure out. A while to grow up and find your path. And finding F3 I feel I have found what I am looking for. As I strive as a personal goal of mine, to get more involved with F3 from the other 2 F’s outside of the Fitness F. The fellowship, The faith, and the community leadership is what I have longed for. It’s what I have been missing. This is the team I have been looking for and yearning for. True and real Male friendship and leadership and community involvement.  Not only because of the multiple Creighton baseball teammates that are involved with F3 who are my buddies (many are here today) but because of all of you other men I am getting to know and be with on a consistent basis. 

Teams deal with adversity of all sorts, and on this team, the adversity and challenges we face are the everyday world called life! And I want to thank you all personally for letting me be a part of your team, as we tackle the challenges of this crazy ass world together, helping each other, and leaning on each other, to be better men, be better leaders, and be better lights of God. To wrap this up and end my COT the question I leave you with is, What team are you on? Who will you surround yourself with to make a strong powerful team to dominate life day in and day out? I ask myself this every day and I hope you do too! 

I, Nugent led us in Closing Prayer 

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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