Back Blast: The ‘M’
Date: 2/12/2021
AO: The Pit

Pax: Tony Tiger, Gobbler, Huffy, Fire Walker, Ferdinand, Lemon Law, Crab Cakes, High Life, Skittles, Trench, Gear tag, KOA, Knobbs, Squeaky Clean, John Pier (FNG-Marshall Bill), Gunner, Rooney, Girl Dad, Tonight Show 

QIC: Tonight Show

Conditions: -2 Wind Chill -20

It was cold… Like really cold.  YHC arrived early to do some reconnaissance and determine where the mosey’s would take place and if certain parts of The Pit would even be accessible.  Fortunately all necessary parts of the AO were available and despite the occasional snow plow obstacle it was clear.

YHC welcomed the Pax to a brisk early morning gloom and started with the disclaimer right up front because when the temps are this cold you start the warm-a-rama before you give the mission statement.

While in the parking lot pax cranked out 5 burpees followed by side straddle hop while YHC delivered the mission statement, credo, and core principles.  From there the pax started a mosey around the pond and circled up on the island for a typical warm-a-rama.

  • 5 burpees
  • imperial walkers * 20
  • hillbillies * 20
  • tappy-taps * 20

Pre-thang consisted of Failure to launch and after each launch, Pax would do ascending “Heart” Merkins (Really diamond merkins but when you have mittens and place your thumbs right you get a heart shape.)

Failure to launch and heart mekins started at 1 and went all the way up to 10.  Note: when you are doing a countdown to launch don’t call on Fire Walker, he counts up.  *I kid, I kid*

The Thang:
At this point pax noticed that Girl Dad’s headlights weren’t turning off so on the way to the Thang, all pax took the scenic route by Girl Dad’s car so he could address the lights issue.  Pax ended at the pavilion where YHC noticed some wood sitting next to the fireplace.  T-claps to Gobbler for bringing firewood to warm the pavilion. (as if the sweat wasn’t going to do that, am I right?!)

Pax got into couplets to do some duos of pain. 1 pax would run to the north intersection and back to relieve their partner.  The partner took on duos of pain for 14 reps each.  It was rinse and repeat on those two exercises until their partner came to relieve them.  After they returned they would move on to the next duo of exercises.  Rinse and repeat the circuit from the top once you completed the last duo.  Duos were as follows:

Duo 1:

  • dips * 14
  • squats * 14

Duo 2:

  • elevated carolina dry docks * 14
  • step up * 14 (ea)

Duo 3:

  • alternating lunge * 14
  • creature merkins * 14 (These were no joke and a little tricky on the slick picnic tables)

Duo 4:

  • bonnie blairs * 14
  • table shoulder shrugs * 14 (Do this while Crab cakes simultaneously lifts the other side of the table! Ouch!)

Duo 5:

  • mountain climbers * 14
  • plank jacks * 14

Pax got in nearly 3 miles and almost completed each duo twice today which was a surprise.

When Omaha was called there was still time for mary.

  • Heels to heaven * 20
  • Heel touches * 20
  • E2K * 15

With it being the day before Valentines Day, YHC took the opportunity to talk about the relationships in a man’s life and specifically that most important relationship at the center of the concentrica. Remember, Hallmark claimed February 14th but Sky Q has claimed everyday and our relationships are important in all of them.

At the bullseye of the Q’s Concentrica is his M, his relationship with his wife, the one upon which all of his other relationships are founded. The M is the HIM’s transformative relationship because through it he becomes something new–legally, practically and spiritually. Before marriage, a man is an “I”, but afterwards he is part of an “Us”. The HIM aims most of his arrows at the M because if that fails, the rest of his relationships will fail as well.

King Solomon had the means and opportunity to test every single thing in his known world to discover the meaning of life. After a lifetime of experimentation, this was his conclusion: enjoy life with you wife, whom you love. The works of Solomon were mighty, unprecedented in their time. Yet by the end, he saw his accomplishments as nothing but meaningless toil under the sun. But a man’s wife, the one he loves, that is where Solomon believed a man should focus his energy. It is there that a man finds meaning.

 5 points of preparedness
1. Maintenance = deceleration
2. The culture is a jester
3. There is no 50 yard line
4. Your wife is not your best friend
5. Joy trumps happiness

Congratulations to the Pax in attendance that earned their polar bear patch.  It was a freezing cold week but it appears the worst is yet to come.

In-laws suffering illnesses


  • Fire Walker wants to get on the Q-Schedule and cover the mission and disclaimer.  Gunner be sure to reach out!
  • Gobbler nice call on the fire logs.  The smell of burning wood made YHC feel even more savage than just working out in the cold would have.  I’m not kidding.  It was awesome!
  • Marshall Bill, welcome!  Despite Knobbs trying to run you into the ditch it was awesome to have you out and you made it all the way through.  Hope to see you out in the gloom again soon!
  • To all the Polar Bears, way to go!
  • Kept wondering where Jean Claude and Boiling Point were…. Missed seeing you guys down in your neck of the woods.  Next time!

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.  I really love this AO and the bros in Sarpy County!

Always proud to be part of this group
Tonight Show

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