The Valentine’s Day Frosty 500

PAX:  Selleck, Trench, Touche’, Safe Ride, Jean Claude, Spreadsheet, Squeaky Clean, Tony the Tiger, High Life, Baby Shark, Chicklets, Stella, Huffy, Gobbler, Two-Step, E85, Boiling Point, The Plague, Slow Pitch, Bloodshot, Grease Fire, Wario, Lion Tamer, Firewalker, Khakis, Tater Tot, Pony Express, Lucky Charms, Beta Max, Frosty

 Q:  Frosty

First and foremost, Samples, you were missed and we were all thinking of you and yours.

Special thanks to:  Spreadsheet, Slow Pitch, Touche, Lucky Charms and Safe Ride

Getting close to the end of a brutally cold week.  It was great to see new-to-me faces (do I see a Boiling Point/Frosty co-Q coming in the future?) and some Woodshed first-timers!  Frosty welcomed, gave the mission statement and the disclaimer.  We immediately moseyed up to Woodshed winter quarters and circled for warmish-o-rama


SSH x 20 IC (thanks Safe Ride for your leadership)

Slow, Deliberate Windmills x 15 IC

YHC then asked the PAX to do a quick name-o-rama

Pre-THANG (Cupid Shuffle . . . Planking):

What better pre-thang for Valentine’s weekend than The Cupid Shuffle.  I borrowed this from our brothers in Phoenix. And it goes, a little something, like this . . . 


Straight Arm Planking the entire song.

Command #1  – whenever the lyric “down” is called, perform a Merkin

Command # 2 – whenever the lyric “to the right” is called, plank step to the right (always comes x4)

Command #3 – whenever the lyric “to the left” is called, plank step to the left  (always comes x4)

Command #4 – whenever the lyric “now kick” is called, perform a donkey kick (always comes x4)

Command #5 – whenever the lyric “walk it by yourself” is called, kick across your body toward inside elbow (alternate legs, should get 2 kicks per leg)

I really enjoyed sharing this exercise and the enthusiasm with which it was embraced.  The actual version goes on for an additional minute. .  .  .  Maybe next year! #fitnessgoals

The THANG:  The Frosty 500

Five Stations, Six Groups, One Idiot who can’t count

Frosty continued his perfect streak of counting wrong by making 6 groups of 5 instead of 5 groups of 6.  Thank you Khakis and Tater Tot for your leadership and for always having my back.  

The idea around this beatdown is to complete “laps” of sorts using the length of the parking garage, as well as the stairwells with different reps at each station.  Running the longer distances between stations, bear crawling the shorter distances and running up the stairs, across and down the opposite stairwell between stations 5 and 1.  4 laps would equal 500 reps. 

Station #1 on the south side of entrance – SQUATS (reps 20 – 25 – 30 – 25)

Complete the reps together and then run to station # 2 on opposite end of the garage

Station #2 – ALTERNATING SHOULDER TAPS (reps 20 – 25 – 30 – 25)

Complete the reps together and then bear crawl to your right (about 25 yards) to station #3

Station #3 – CALF RAISES (reps 20 – 25 – 30 – 25)

Complete the reps together and then bear crawl straight ahead (about 25 yards) to station #4)

Station #4 – MONKEY HUMPERS (reps 20 – 25 – 30 – 25)

Complete the reps and run back to the NORTH side of the entrance to station #5

Station #5 – MERKINS (reps 20 – 25 – 30 – 25)

Complete the reps, then run up the north stairs, across to the south stairwell and down to station # 1.

Repeat doing the assigned amount of reps.

We did not make it through the 4th lap.  Omaha was called and we moseyed back to the shovel flags.  


15 Flutter Kicks In Cadence (thanks Slow Pitch)

30 – American Hammers with each PAX counting one

Prayers and Announcements: 


Polar Bear Patch

Tap That blood donation

Queens Service in full swing


Thoughts and prayers with Samples at a funeral

Thoughts and prayers are with Two-Step’s friend and everyone involved

Thoughts and prayers with Huffy’s father-in-law


What is available to all of us?  Free for everyone?

The air we breathe



All of these things are free, but they still have value.  That’s the way I see God’s grace.

If I have two $5 bills.   I offer one to Plague  and I offer one to Grease Fire.  Each person has been offered Five Bucks.  It’s offered equally to everyone.  It’s up to them whether or not to take it.  To accept it.  Sometimes it is easier said than done.

We may be embarrassed about “what people would think” if we took $5.  We might not think the gift was really meant for us, feel like we don’t deserve it.  Sometimes there is something bigger in our path that keeps us from taking the $5 and sometimes it blocks us from even SEEING the $5.

As most of you know, I’m a recovering addict/alcoholic.  I just celebrated 4 years on Sunday.  When I was in that bubble.  My world was so small and I couldn’t see God’s grace that was offered to me.  I was so consumed.  Even my family was starting to turn away.  

I remember it like it was yesterday when my brother, my best friend, came over to my shitty little apartment in Old Mill and told me if I continued to choose drugs, he’d have to be done with me.  I could’ve quit that day, but I didn’t.  My mother told me Christmas 2016 would my last in her home.  I didn’t quit that day either.

I look back on my life and I see so many times God was sticking his hand out to help me, to get me on track and I was blind to it.

Then on February 7, 2017, he shoved 5 bucks in my hand.  This time I took it.  It was the gift of sobriety and it came only through God’s grace.  I’m not even sure I wanted it but a few months later it was still there.  I started seeing more clearly.  Then I started seeing all these other gifts.  Do-Re-Mi, AA, Golf, interest in things I never had before but they enhanced my life.  It’s like I got another 5 bucks and another and another.  

Today, because of God’s Grace, my world is so big!   I have a key to mother’s cabin.  They had the cabin for 13 years before I was even invited there!  There’s a fiver.  Monday, I started a job.  A great job that came from a recommendation from my brother.  He was done with me and now he thinks enough of me to recommend me to people he respects.  I’ll pick up that fensky!

About a year ago, through what can only be God’s grace I was introduced to F3 and the roof of life’s possibilities blew off.  What if I can not only accept God’s grace, but give it?  The world gets even bigger, my vision gets clearer and my heart has never been fuller.

But I have to accept it.  I have to see, recognize and accept God’s grace each and every day and help others to do the same.  The $5 is there for everyone.  All of you and everyone else out there in the world.  

And it is worth more than anything else in my life.  Thanks gents



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