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Q: Bloodshot

PAX: Safe Ride, Sticky Bandit (hate), E85 (hate), Beta Max, Black Flag, PortaJon, Stella, Z-Bo, Nugent, Frosty, Polaroid, Spread Sheet, Space Bar, Patton (RESPECT), Wentworth, HoneyStinger, Folsom, Doppler.

The mission of F3, core principles, and disclaimer were announced before warmorama.




High Knees




PAX circled up and performed 10 reps of each exercise to complete one round.

1. Shoulder press

2. Upright Rows

3. Kettle bell swings

4. Chest press

Mountain Climbers

1. Bent over Row

2. Goblet squats

3. Chillcut / dying cyclones

4. Curls


1. Alligator Merkin

2. Deadlift

3. Tricep extension

4. Big Boys

Rifle carry to next placement. 4 rounds were completed before Omaha was called.


Windshield Wipers IC

Rancid style American Hammer

Prayers for PortaJon’s father Frank, as he recovers from surgery. For Huffy’s father in law as he receives cancer treatment. For our silent prayers.

Cot. Embrace the suck.

So I have a patch that came on my ruck sack. It says “embrace the suck”. I’ve logged miles with this thing and I’ve never given it a thought…it came with the ruck sack. Is there a deeper significance?Expanded: “lean into the suffering and get comfortable being very uncomfortable.”

I’ve heard this in a COT before but it’s worth repeating. We embraced the suck this week like we always do in the gloom. It’s never quite as cold when you’re with your brothers.

I embraced the suck without sleep the first 6 months with the twins. That desperate time is almost comical when you’re with your wife.

The songs on this playlist aren’t my favorites. Stella thought I was a DJ for a 7th grade birthday party. They’re songs my kids beg to listen to on our short ride to school. I embrace the suck to hear them sing in the car and invited you today to accompany me.

So Lean in, let someone lean in with you, and embrace the suck together.



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Heavy Metal

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