2/13/21 Oracle Back blast

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Q: Thor

Greeted the group at 6:00am, reviewed the 5 core principles and began a short mosey to the parking that had already been cleared off from the snow from the night before.

Warm up:• Side stratal hops• Big ones• Sun gods


AMRAP 90 seconds, 30 second recovery. Rinse & repeat. (4Rounds)

Set 1

Set 2• Jump Squats• Sumo Squat • LBC’s • Flutter Kicks • Merkins• Werkins

Quick mosey around the parking lot to keep the blood flowing, it was -4 degrees at the start of the workout.

Set 3

Set 4• Bonnie Blairs • Monkey humpers• Big Boys • Heels to heaven• Ranger Merkins• Carolina dry docks

Called OMAHA at 6:45, short mosey back to the shovel flags for name-o-rama, prayer requests & announcements.

One FNG attended the workout, after name-o-rama, he was named Ripken in honor of keeping the FNG streak alive.


I wanted to incorporate the AMRAP style workout today to enforce my message on accountability. Accountability is defined as a willingness to accept responsibility for our own actions.

During this exercise today, it was your responsibility to do as many reps as possible.  You only have to be accountable to yourself, to push yourself to get the most out of each exercise. At the end of the workout you have to hold yourself accountable to how you performed. 

This has been a huge focus on my own personal growth journey.Without accountability for your actions, there is no growth, no learning, no getting better, no learning from your mistakes or no building upon successes.

Not only are we accountable to ourselves, but we all have people in our lives that we are accountable for to a certain degree. We’re human, we’re not always going to be perfect for them and sometimes we’ll even let ourselves down, but these mistakes are never wasted as long as we can be hold ourselves accountable, take responsibility to learn and improve. Even through our successes we can practice accountability, take responsibility for the great things you’ve been able to accomplish, then keep pushing, keep improving, keep getting better.

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