AO: Octagon // 2.15.21 // Temp -11 (w/ windchill -30) // PAX: Brazilian, Kill Switch, Polaroid, Bloodshot, Wentworth, Folsom, Hoosegow, Black Flag, Zebo, Mufasa, BetaMax // Q: BetaMax

PAX were assembled in a circle near the Octagon Shovel Flag where they appeared to be doing their best to replicate Joey from hit TV show, Friends.

YHC rolled up to the PAX in his SUV with the radio blaring The Beach Boy’s Surfin’ USA, an appropriate song in my opinion, given the theme of today’s Freezing Hot beatdown in store.

YHC delivered the disclaimer, core principles, mission statement and an extra disclaimer about the cold.  YHC directed the PAX to run behind the school to the rear parking lot and that I would follow in my SUV and leave the heat running in case anyone needed to take a break to warm up.  *Spoiler alert, no one did.

A carefully crafted playlist of music was chosen to aid the Q in his beatdown (timing, length of beatdown, etc.)

SSH & Imperial Walkers were performed to The Game of Thrones opening soundtrack.

Apollo Onos were performed to Ice Ice Baby, but when “Ice Icy Baby” was sung, everyone did burpees!

Ice & Fire Grinder

PAX were placed into groups of three or four and a grinder was performed across the entire back parking lot.  YHC explained that due to the cold, most exercises selected were cardio-focused vs the muscle building style options selected for badass AO’s like Colosseum, Heavy Metal and The Combine (just to name a few…) 

*That said, YHC explained each PAX was in charge of their own destiny and that they needed to be personally responsible.  Most burned 600-700 calories during this beatdown and kept their heartrate in the orange/red zone!

Entrance of back parking lotEnd of back parking lot
Alt. Shoulder tapsApollo Onos
Jump SquatsMountain Climbers
Smurph JacksPlank Jacks
Plank Hops (to R & L side)Dry Docks
Jump RopeFootball Feet
Merkins -> Roll L/RGoof Balls

YHC yelled, “Omaha!” At 6:09 and the PAX moseyed to the shovel flag where YHC instructed them to perform the count off and name o rama to exercises (like SSH) to keep warm.  COT, Announcement and prayer requests were performed to air squats.

COT: Just like the seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter), our lives are modeled after them. Winter is harsh today with the -30 temp (w/windchill), but we’ve prepared to embrace it and survived the morning. Just like this beatdown, we spend out birth through mid-20’s in Spring, learning and growing, starting our careers and family. We enter summer in our 30’s to 40’s, as we hone our trades, raise teenagers and continue saving for retirement. We arrive at Fall in our 50’s and 60’s as we become empty nesters, possibly become grandparents, enter the Respect! time of our life and highest earning years (statistically) of our careers. In Winter (70’s+) we depend on the investments we’ve made in our careers, finances, family and friends… just like our ancestors depended upon the harvests to provide them with food through the harsh winter months without the globally available food we take fore granted in 2021. Plant now, invest in your future and live your life to the fullest!

Prayers & Announcements:  Please do what you can to conserve power, given OPPD’s recent email about rolling blackouts; everyone took a knee to pray for the one million + folks without power in Texas that are experiencing freezing cold temperatures and for unspoken requests.

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