“Seriously Tom Brady?!”

February 12, 2021|AO- Golden Spike|-6 Degrees (Feels like -20)

18 PAX: Grillz, Saul, Sister Act, Blue Suede, Tonight Show, Retweet, Cheap Seats, Wentworth, Ice T, Black Flag, Tugboat, Vandelay (Respect), Space Bar, Crab Cakes, Folsom, Wait Time, Z-bo, Mother Goose (QIC)

5:30 AM- Asked for FNG’s (there were none) then started SSH’s to get moving…

Recited meaning, mission and principles of F3 while doing SSH’s.  Reminded all that YHC was not a professional and to modify as needed; the PAX were also cautioned to keep their feet under them as last night’s dusting of snow was hiding a lot of ice patches.

Moseyed from shovel flags to the first parking lot to the south of the school. Circled up.

Warm-o-rama (All 12 counts for that guy that I respect/hate Tom Brady)

12 Tappy Taps IC

12 Apollo Ono’s IC

12 Tater Taps IC

12 Big One’s IC

12 Mother Geese IC (a stretch made up on the fly a few weeks ago between Tater Tot, Big One and I)- Sun Gods with your arms, hillbillies with your legs.

Pre-Thang (Tom Brady doesn’t have the speed of most but accomplishes a lot anyway; the goal was to be efficient with slow movement)

PAX lined up between two light poles and would move together up the lot to another set of light poles (roughly 60 yards)

Walked up the hill to the top cone:

10 Flying Nuns then 10 cherry pickers while toe walking and repeat until you get to the lights. Hold Al Gore while waiting for the 6.

Walked back to the bottom cones:

10 sumo walks (for Vita Vea who killed the Chiefs), 10 Frankensteins (for Gronk, duh) and repeat until you get to the lights. Hold plank while waiting for the 6.

PAX then numbered off by 4’s and moseyed to the lot just east.

The Thang (based around the number 43 which is Tom Brady’s age and also important in F3):

There were three pain stations (one for each touchdown Brady threw on Sunday) and a mosey push group.

Pain stations were ABAC style of 10 reps each (one for each Super Bowl TB has played in), then 3 burpees to make 43.  PAX were encouraged not to stop between the four sets of 10 and rather think of it as a set of 40 before the burpees. The goal was to try to do it twice before you’re pushed. Why? Déjà vu… Tom Brady winning a Super Bowl.  The cold weather led to a quick mosey push group, so most pain stations just got through once, but every group ended up hitting every station at least 3-4 times. Lost count.

Station 1 (Upper Body)- 10 Merkins, 10 Shoulder Taps IC, 10 Merkins, 10 Carolina Dry Docks, 3 Burpees; 5 or 10 second rest, repeat. 

Station 2 (Core)- 10 Big Boy’s, 10 Heels to Heaven, 10 Big Boy’s, 10 Low Dolly’s, 3 Burpees; 5 or 10 second rest, repeat.

Station 3 (Lower Body)- 10 Low Squats, 10 Bonnie Blairs IC, 10 Low Squats, 10 Johnny Dramas, 3 Burpees; 5 or 10 second rest, repeat.

Station 4 (Push Group)- Mosey around far cone and push station 1.

6:02- Omaha Call


10 count Makhtar circle of death- starting with one member of the PAX (Tonight Show), we went around the circle with each counting down from 10.  We started in plank, then switched to chill cut after the first 10 count, and returned to plank after the next 10 count, and continued until the circle had been completed.  The PAX then moseyed back to the first lot where Warm-o-rama occurred.

X-cross sit up 7 IC (one for each ring for TB12)

American Hammers IC Rancid Style


Announcements: Happy 40th Tugboat!  T claps to those in the QS challenge, keep it up and check Slack for updates. No prayer requests were spoken aloud.  Here’s to those in our hearts…

COT- 2 Words

When you hear the name Tom Brady, there are probably many words that come to mind.  Mostly positive, for sure, but if you’re a bitter Chiefs fan like YHC there are probably many negative ones as well.  What words come to mind when you think of yourself?

I was fortunate enough to be part of a series of leadership seminars over two school years from 2016-2018.  One of the self-reflection activities we participated in was called “2 Words.”  The explanation was simple, but completing it was difficult.  We were asked to choose only two words to completely describe the best version of ourselves.  I, like many in the PAX I would assume, immediately went to “Husband. Father.”  The more I thought about it, however, though those were the two most important roles I had, the words themselves didn’t give any clue as to how well I was performing those roles.  Also, and not to get too dark, but terrible things happen, and who would I be if suddenly my wife and kids were taken from me?

We had plenty of time to reflect, so I started to fill a notebook full of potential words.  As I did so, one recurring thought kept coming up.  I am so bleeping lucky.  I had been given so many amazing opportunities, relationships, and gifts.  I had my health (and at that time had never experienced any mental health issues).  I also had very few obstacles to face.  I was so blessed to be who I was and where I was.  I had my first word… BLESSED.

That wasn’t enough though, and I spent the rest of the time challenging myself to make the most of my blessings.  If a bolt of lightning came down from the sky right then, I would have already had a great life.  But I had so much more I wanted to do, and so much more I wanted to give.  I made a commitment to return my blessings by being a better husband, father, teacher, coach, and servant of God and those around me.  I was devoted to doing so.  I had my second word… DEVOTED. 

Blessed. Devoted.  Those are my two words. 

As a former teacher, I love to give homework on weekends.  I asked the PAX (and anyone reading this BB) to take some time this weekend, or maybe over Lent, to reflect on the two words that best describe the best version of you.  Try to choose adjectives or verbs rather than nouns. What are your two words?


Shortly after choosing my two words, I immediately thought of one of my favorite prayers from St. Ignatius.  It is called the “Suscipe” (pronounced SOO-she-pay) but is commonly referred to as the “Prayer of a Soldier of Christ”.  All of us CP guys received a medal with that prayer on the back of it at our Senior Retreat.  I led the PAX out with that prayer:

Take, Lord, and receive all my liberty, my memory, my understanding, and my entire will…

All that I have and call my own.

You have given all to me.  To you, Lord, I return it.

Everything is yours; do with it what you will.  Give me only your love and your grace.  That is enough for me. Amen

Cheers and SYITG, Mother Goose

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