AO: Sanitarium


Weather: Clear skies, light winds, balmy -7 

PAX: (14): Lucky Charms, Knobs, Firewalker, Trench, Squeaky Clean, Baby Shark, Boiling Point, Zorro, High Life, Tony the Tiger, Skittles, Girl Dad, Rooney, Q: Gobbler 

At precisely 5:30am, Gobbler welcomed the PAX to the Sanitarium, a diabolical AO with unlimited potential.  The mission statement of F3 was stated and the 5 core principles were recited, free, open to all men, held in a rotating fashion, ends in a COT and always held outside.  Due to the low temperatures, warm-o-rama took place at the shovel flags, which consisted of:- Cherry Pickers- Tappy Taps- Butt Kickers- High Knees


The PAX jogged over to the larger, east parking lot to begin the beat-down.  Little did the PAX know, but a pre-thang was on tap.  Gobbler called it the “Huffy Burpee Ladder”.  The PAX started with 1 burpee, then went for a short run, followed by 2 burpees, then ran back to the start for 3 burpees.  The next run was a bit longer, more of a medium distance, followed by 4 burpees and the same medium distance run back to the start, followed by 5 burpees.  Finally, the PAX climbed to the top of the Huffy Burpee Ladder with a longer run followed by 6 burpees, then the same longer run back to the start, followed by 7 burpees.

The Thang

The theme for our Tuesday morning was survival.  The previous week, The Sanitarium was the site of a heroic “Top Gun” themed rescue, where two naval aviators rescued a soldier behind enemy lines.  The focus of our workout this week was to shift our perspective and mindset, to be that of the survivor, doing whatever it took to survive the freezing temperatures, poor conditions and await rescue.  The PAX learned the international signal (since 1906) for distress was SOS.  These three letters can be visible to rescuers and seen in a variety of ways, including footprints in the snow, sand or even being seen through Morse Code.  Fun fact, SOS in Morse Code is signified by three short bursts (sound or light), followed by three Long bursts, followed by three short bursts (***—***).  The S.O.S. workout was broken into 3 stations, and repeated until Omaha was called:

S.O.S. Station 1 – Dot, Dot, Dot- Short Sprint- 15 Monkey Humper (IC)- Short Sprint- 15 WoJos (This is a modified Bobby Hurley, where both hands touch the ground via air squat, then extend above the head.  This exercise was included due to the waiving of both arms above the head.  If ever in a survival situation, waiving with 2 arms above the head signifies a person in distress.  A one arm wave can indicate that everything is ok.  Since we were in a survival situation, 2 hands above the head seemed more appropriate.)- Short Sprint- 15Bonnie Blairs (IC)

S.O.S Station 2 – Dash, Dash, Dash- Moderate length Jog- 5 Side Straddle Hops (IC)- Moderate length Jog- 5 Side Straddle Hops (IC)- Moderate length Jog- 5 Side Straddle Hops (IC)

S.O.S. Station 3 – Dot, Dot, Dot- Short Sprint- 15 Merkins- Short Sprint- 15 Derkins- Short Sprint- 15 Carolina Dry Docks

At 6:05am Omaha! was called.  The PAX reassembled at the shovel flags for 6 minutes of Mary, which included:- 15 LBCs- 15 Oblique Crunches (Right)- 15 Flutter Kicks (IC)- 15 Oblique Crunches (Left)- 15 Frozen Freddys (IC)- 15 Sarpy Slammers


The workout today was inspired by the Meredith Wilson’s Character, Prof. Harold Hill.  In the musical the Music Man, Harold has the following quote: “The idle mind is the devilsplayground”.  So since we were taking a survivalist mind set in the cold, The idle body is the cold’s playground.  Movement was key.  I informed the PAX that not much guidance was given when explaining the workout, he wanted to see how the 3 groups, utilizing a survivalist mentality, would interact.  And to no one’s surprise, each of the three separate groups operated as a cohesive unit, continued to move in the cold and snow, leaving no man behind.   

For too long, I had been on a wellness journey that barely kept myself surviving, it was because of F3, and the team of HIM that introduced me to the brotherhood that keeps me honest, accountable, and striving for something more.  I was lucky that my SOS was answered, now it is our job, nay, our duty, to find those men who have signaled SOS and await the rescue that only F3 can provide.  


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The Sanitarium

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