02/04/21: Futurama 

Safety First!  

Temp: 21 degrees, Snoooow, and 25 mph winds… bbrrrrr.

PAX (10): E-85, Two-Step, Porta John, Grease Fire, U-Haul, Dome, Bovine, Dr. Thunder, Sticky Bandit, Othello

QIC: Othello and U-Haul

#mumblechatter: Doppler was the original Q, but was unable to make it due to the weather conditions. T-Claps to U-Haul and Sticky Bandit for helping YHC figure out the flow of the beatdown during the snowy and windy morning.

#mumblechatter: U-Haul made it clear he was NOT co-q’ing during the introduction and that he was just the timekeeper since YHC forgot his watch at home… However, YHC appreciated U-Haul and his willingness to help.

#mumblechatter: When YHC ran from one field, Two-Step immediately said, “How can I help, what do I need to do?” T-Claps to Two-Step for willing to step in right away to help lead… YHC thought “this is the CoT in itself… very cool! No pun intended.  

No FNG today 

The Opener –  Othello presented the 3 F’s, the mission statement, the five core principles, and the disclaimer.

Mosey – PAX moseyed to behind the monument and ended up in the middle circle for Warm-A-Rama


20 (IC) SSH

10 (IC) Tappy Taps

20 (D) Squat Jumps

10 (IC) Cherry Pickers 

20 (IC) Imperial Walkers

10 (IC) Chinooks Pickle Pushers

Mosey – PAX moseyed around the monument and entered through the back for the Pre-Thang


15 (IC) Australian Mountain Climbers

15 (IC) Copperhead Squats

15 (IC) Mahktar N’ Diayes

15 (IC) Copperhead Squats

15 (IC) Chicken Peckers

15 (IC) Copperhead Squats 

10 (IC) Australian Mountain Climbers

10 (IC) Copperhead Squats

10 (IC) Mahktar N’ Diayes

10 (IC) Copperhead Squats

10 (IC) Chicken Peckers

10 (IC) Copperhead Squats 

5 (IC) Australian Mountain Climbers

5 (IC) Copperhead Squats

5 (IC) Mahktar N’ Diayes

5 (IC) Copperhead Squats

5 (IC) Chicken Peckers

5 (IC) Copperhead Squats 

Mosey – PAX moseyed down to the snowy field in front of the shovel flags. 

The Thang:

The PAX came together to do: Millennial

The first individual to reach 100 reps of an exercise, they would yell “PARTY TIME” and the PAX ran from one side of the snowy field to the other side of the snowy field.

Rinse and Repeat until Omaha.

Each individual contributed an exercise:

100 Alternating Shoulder Tapsthank you, E-85

100 LBC’sthank you, Grease Fire

100 Big Boys –  thank you, Bovine

100 Low Dollies thank you, Dr. Thunder

100 Bobby Hurleys –  thank you, Porta John

100 Hammers –  thank you, Dome

100 Seal Claps –  thank you, Sticky Bandit

100 Merkins –  thank you, U-Haul

Mosey – PAX moseyed back to the Shovel flags for the Post-Thang

Post Thang:

8 (count) – Irish Two-Step (Absolution)… led by Two-Step, thanks, brother!


Not a Futurama



  • Queenservice
  • Prayers to the well being of the PAX and their loved ones
  • Stay safe!

Message from the Q:

“For safety is not a gadget, but a state of mind.” – Eleanor Everet 

Here are a couple of points I would like to make this gloomy and crazy morning:

  1. Safety first!
  2. Lean in!

Doppler was the original Q this morning but due to the weather conditions, he was unable to make it down. When he texted me this morning, I was hoping he wasn’t freaking out because I knew the guys who post at Future were going to take care of him. In fact, I admired Doppler for being open and communicative about his situation. OF COURSE take care of yourself! Safety is a main priority in life.

I mean, you only get one shot at life, so be careful! I always tell my students “If you really have to think about doing something, maybe you shouldn’t do it.”

So. Just remember to be careful and play it safe.

It’s great to see guys wanting to contribute and help each other. This morning is a fine example of what it means to shield lock with each other. Sometimes I have to remind myself it is OKAY to accept help from others and to lean in to those you know you can trust. This is what strengthens our brotherhood, our PAX, and our community.

Lean in and shield lock!


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