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February 10th, 2021

Weather: 8 degrees (warmer day this week)

PAX (17): Doppler, FDIC, Big One, Roadhouse, Tube Socks, Convoy, Grease Fire, Dr. Thunder, Wario, Rollbar, Armbar, Hard Hat, Tonight Show, Retweet, Tug Boat, Wait Time, Moon Man

No FNGs presented

Co-Q’s (Tag Team): Doppler & Moon Man 

Doppler and I arrived in parking lot at 5:10 AM.  Doppler and I walked the parking lot to make sure we were good for the running and found some dry wall spots.  Soon pre-runners and more headlights were gathering the shovel flags.  Gave a 1-minute warning shoutout.  At 5:30 with men in their ready stances, it was go time.  I introduced Doppler and myself (how fitting that Doppler was here to helping me co-q since he introduced me to the F3 family in December).

No FNGs so welcomed everyone, described F3, the Mission, and the 5 Core principles.  Additionally, explained that if you hear Doppler or I shout, “Polar Bear’, everyone shall perform 1 Navy Seal Burpee (Doppler demonstrated with smooth as butter 100% accuracy).  Doppler and I were not professionals so modify our beatdown as necessary.  

As a group, we moseyed across the street to circle up for Warm-O-Rama:• Tappy-taps 15 IC• Imperial Walkers 15 IC• Side-straddle Hop (SSH) 15 IC• Sun Gods 10 IC each (forward & backward)• Plank Jacks 10 IC• Overhead Seal Claps 15 IC

For Pre-Thang we moseyed back across the street to find some wall away from the snow and did two rounds each of:• Modified Peoples Chair w/ L & R punches 10 IC• Balls to the wall 10 count (BTTW)• Donkey Kicks 10 count

Asked everyone to partner up as todays Thang would be a two-man grinder.  One guy will be doing exercises listed on the sheets AMRAP style (rinse & repeat if finish) and the other guy will run to front of school and does 15 each of:• Alternating Shoulder Taps• Knerkin• Dips

AMRAP Exercises:• Monkey Humpers• Heels to Heaven• Bonnie Blairs• LBC’s• Mountain Climbers• Hillbillies (or Hillbilly Walkers)• Rosalita• Bobby Hurley’s• Air Squats• Big Boy Sit-ups

Doppler did a great job of periodically yelling ‘Polar Bear’ so that everyone got a good taste of Navy Seal Burpees throughout the workout.  We didn’t make it through all the AMRAP exercises prior to Omaha being called at 6:01.  

Once the six was in from Thang we circled up and proceeded to do the Post-Thang which was a 5 count IC of:• Hurpees• Catalina Wine Mixer

We moseyed back to shovel flags for Mary:• Freddie Mercury 20 IC• LBCs 20 IC• E2K 10 IC each side• American Hammers Rancid Style 2X round circle IC

No FNGs to name so went on to count off and Name-O-Rama.

Announcements and prayer requests were taken.


Moon Man shared a quote that resonates often with him:

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.  The most important thing is not to stop questioning. ~Albert Einstein • Learn from the mistakes you made yesterday and don’t repeat.  Learn from experiences and apply in your life today.  Life can throw you perfect pitches or bean ball learning opportunities.  Think of failures as a mere experiment to guide and improve you becoming a better man.  Never stop learning, looking in the past can teach you.• Living for today is personally inspiring and a struggle for Moon Man as he is constantly looking ahead to the future of things.  Live in the present and try to focus less on things that ‘could’ happen in the future.  Do what you want TODAY rather than putting it off.  Don’t get stuck living out someone else’s journey because you have your own story to write.  Go out and live it starting today!• Go ahead and dream, never stop.  Pray and hope tomorrow will being more awesome experiences and happiness, believe in yourself.  Choose optimism over pessimism.  See things through a lens of overcoming when you are faced with adversity.  Believe a higher power has your six when things look dire.  If today and yesterday totally sucked, believe tomorrow will be better.• Never stop wondering.  Maintain an open mind and curiosity to learn something new.  Never deprive your inner curiosity.  • Moon Man believes living in this courageous way will better challenge you and enable overall growth.  

Moon Man asked to please provide constructive criticism and feedback on today’s workout as these are the things he wants to hear.  Roadhouse commented he was happy to hear this and, on that note, there was one exercise that was not much fun (jokingly).  Sadly, we ran out of time to force another Polar Bear (Navy Seal Burpees) so let it be until next time in the gloom!  Special thanks to Armbar & Doppler for guiding leadership.   

Doppler took the men to a knee for prayer and closing.  


~Moon Man

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