Paradise Island Backblast-02/10/2021-Elevating Your Community

PAX:  Gobbler, Tater Tot, Ice T, 2-Step, Lucky Charms, Blue Suede, Tony The Tiger, Vandelay, Vanilla Ice, Sparty, Mac ‘n Cheese, Blue Suede, Squeaky Clean, Icy Hot, Slow Pitch, Stella!, Othello, Biff, Trench, Skipper, High-Life, Firewalker, Brazilian, Grillz, Khakis, 

Q: Jean-Claude

At 5:15, JCMP called the PAX to attention, stating the Mission of F3, and our 5 Core Principles.  With 4 lanterns on the ground (2 white, 2 red), he instructed the PAX to “number off” with Red/White.  Once identified, Pax lined up by their arbitrary assignment, through no input of their own, and were given instructions.

  1. White group had an assigned number of 12
  2. Red group had an assigned number of 20
  3. White group would start in front of Red Group
  4. The groups would mosey with their lanterns in the front and the rear, fartlek-style

With those instructions, the Q dispatched the group on to warm-o-rama.

Warm O Rama

Once arriving at the parking lot, Q realized he needed to improve on his instructions for the Fartlek (Swedish for “speed play”), and demonstrated with a lantern how each group should mosey and hand off the lanterns.  Q reminded everyone  of their colors, numbers and positions, then proceeded to conduct WOR.

SSH: 10 IC

The Thang

Traditional Paradise Mosey to the first parking lot.  

White group: instructed to perform 12 Burpees Together

Red group: instructed to perform 20 Burpees Together

Evolution 1

Once White group finished, Red group was instructed to stop.  Red group had only completed 10 burpees.  As self-proclaimed ARBITER of the beatdown, Q informed Red group they were now in debt 10 burpees.  PAX Picked up and headed to the 2nd station.

Evolution 2

As white group arrived at Burpee Station 2, noticeable mumble chatter was occurring in red group.  Because they were behind, they didn’t get to start their burpees until later.  This time, when white group finished, red group had only completed 6 burpees.  The ARBITER informed them their debt burden was now 24 burpees, but it was time to go.

Evolution 3

The mosey to the top of the hill produced the expected outcome.  White group got up first, and completed their burpees before red group arrived as a whole.  White group was dispatched.

Members of red group were not organized, they were frustrated and confused.   Some had fallen behind more than the others.  The ARBITER informed red group, the rules had now changed, and been made “fair”.  They would only need to do 12 burpees.  Yes, white group had continued on, as the clock does not stop for anyone, but red group should be relieved because now they only had the same amount to do as white, plus their debt burden of 24.  Noticeably behind, Red group completed their 12 and continued.

Evolution 4

White group completed their mosey and burpees as red group was just arriving.

Once red group arrived to the burpee station, the ARBITER expressed his displeasure in how incapable the red group was at keeping up, since he changed the rules to make it equal just one station ago.  They proceeded to complete their 12 burpees.  During this time, white group assembled behind red group in a line.  Once completed, the ARBITER offered the white group an opportunity, to help relieve their burden, to offer support in their endeavor.  Together, both groups completed 12 burpees to satisfy the debt of 24.

Evolution 5

The entire PAX, aligned in their goals, completed the mosey back to the starting point, and completed 12 burpees together.

Mary-26 Hammers, Rancid-Style


I attempted to connect our morning’s beatdown in a meaningful way to celebrate, and acknowledge Black History Month.  For starters, the 12 vs 20 reps was recognizing the Missouri Compromise; this was a time in our history, for purposes of population counting, 5 slaves as 3 citizens.  This is not part of my family’s history; neither I nor any of my family have ever been counted as less than a person for “population purposes”. 

I wanted to show that as a burden, harkening back to 1820.  From 1820 to 1870, any man of age in my family could vote, and “be counted”.

The 5 evolutions of the beatdown were supposed to recognize one small facet of Black History, of American History.  5 decades of people not even having the right to effect change, of having an ARBITER telling them what rules to operate under, what the parameters of the game were.  

Then to address, another topic, changing the “rules” midway through the 5 evolutions did not foster an environment for Red Group to succeed.  Their burdens still existed.  I want everyone to think what it means to “pull yourself up by the bootstraps”.  

-200 years, 4 generations of “less than” value placed on your family, to be owned by another human

-5 decades of no say in our legislative process

Would any of us expect a different outcome than what we saw today?  Of course, there will be outliers, people that “despite all odds, succeed”.  But really, is that what we want for our neighbors, our country?  Is that the example of progress we want to hang our hats on?


Do we, as HIM, go above and beyond?  Do we take on some of the burden others carry, for the betterment of our community, our country, our world? 

I certainly don’t have the answers, so it’s on me to continue to ask the tough, painful questions.

Then, when the questions are answered, actually doing something about it.

No Man Behind, No Man Where he Was Found.

Together. Further.



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