F3 – Fitness Fellowship and Faith

“Today we are focusing on the First F Fitness”

PAX present: Vandelay (respect), Folsom, Slow Pitch, Ice T, Biff, Spreadsheet, Retweet, Tin Cup, Wentworth, Zebo, Black Flag, Sticky Bandit, Spacebar, Beta Max, Rollbar, Tater Tot, DrThunder, Stella, Blood Shot, YHC Grease Fire

Mission Statement

“To plant, grow and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership”


“I am not a professional – all exercises are merely a suggestion, please modify as needed.  From this point on there is a real risk of injury so please be safe” 

5 Core Principles


​Open to all men

​Peer led

​Always outside

​End with COT (Circle of Trust)

Weather: Air temp -5 + slight breeze + clear skies = -17 real feel! A great morning for a workout!

YHC arrived at 5:05 to access the parking lot situation because no one likes to run on uneven unseen snowpack beneath two fresh inches of powder. Upon arrival only one person, Black Flag, had arrived for pre running and the parking lots were yet to be plowed. Site Q showed up and advised we move our vehicles as the plow moved in. A quick audible was called as the Blue Parade from the SMURPH headed over. So much for the nice parking lot, it’s the bumpy field for this beat down!


​22 second bear plank

​9 polar bear plank IC

​9 grizzly bear plank IC

​9 koala bear plank IC



​Two man grinder

​1st PAX: list of exercises 55 reps each

​​What exercises you ask:

​​Alternating Shoulder Taps




​​Big Boys

​​Air Squat

​​Starfish Crunch

​2nd PAX: 40yd mosey, 10 squat jumps, 40 ydmosey back

Beta was recording his workout and concluded that over the course of this ‘non’ running workout, 2.3 miles were covered 40 yds at a time.

Omaha was called at 6:07, with the parking lot finally cleared the PAX moseyed to a more manageable surface to take up their 6 for Mary


​31 Heel Touches

​31 E2K each leg, which seemed to please everyone from the ruckus that arouse after this announcement.

​31 American Hammers


COT: Cliff Young was a 61 year old sheep farmer from Australia. He decided to run in an ultramarathon, 544 miles between Sydney and Melbourne. He showed up in his overalls and work boots while the other runners were in ‘proper’ attire. 

At the start of the racer the trained runners took off, following a run for 18 hours sleep for 6 model as they proceeded through the stages of the race. Cliff fell behind quickly and badly, so much so that he arrived at the first rest stop after everyone had gone to bed. He kept going. For 5 days he kept going, in the process he won the race. One of 6 runners to finish the race he beat second place by 10 hours and all the finishers broke the previous record for the distance.

Cliff showed up as a sheep farmer, showed up as himself and won a race he had no business winning. Today show up as yourself to help your team prepare for the task at hand.

Prayer – Grease Fire

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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  • Black Flag’s brother is needing some prayer, dealing with being homeless this starting this week.

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