-7°F, real feel -17°F, clear with frozen eyelashes sticking to your face.

PAX: Stella, Mother Goose, Spacebar, Tator Tot, Folsom, Wentworth, Betamax, Tin Cup, the Plague, Pony Express, Dirty Bird, Ice T, Z Bo, Rollbar, Bloodshot, Greek Freak, MAC&Cheese, Slow Pitch, Merch, Chiclets, Black Flag, Big One, Retweet, TC, Tugboat,

Q: Greek Freak

Greek Freak welcomed the 25 PAX in attendance on a frigid morning. Stated the F3 5 Core principles and the mission of F3. No FNGs. Numbered off and took off on a mosey toward Coram Deo Church behind Westside HS.

Warm-A-Rama: Pax circled in front of church parking lot and performed: SSH 20 IC, Sun Gods 10 forward/backward IC, Imperial Walkers 20 IC, Plankjacks 20, Mountain climbers 20 IC, and 20 Merkins. PAX then mosey to driveway behind Westside HS.

Pre Thang: PAX performed 10 Burpees up top, moseyed to bottom of the driveway and did 9 Jumptucks and moseyed back to the top of the driveway and did 8 burpees until finishing with 1 Jumptuck and finished at the top. Pax then moseyed to nearby alley between Westside HS and Coram Deo Church.

Pre Thang #2: Pax performed BLIMPS: 5-Burpees, 10-Lunges each leg, 15-Imperial Walkers IC, 20-Merkins, 25-Plankjacks, and 30-Squats. Moseyed to the front of the church and rinse and repeated BLIMPS again.

The Thang: Pax partnered up and one ran around Coram Deo Church while the other PAX performed as many reps as possible before partner returned. Exercises were Burpees, Balls to the Wall, Bearcrawl Inchworms and finished with Big boys. PAX then moseyed back to shovel flags.

6MOM: Gas Pumpers 20 IC and 25 American Hammers IC Rancid style.

Announcements/Prayers: Stella’s sister’s pregnancy, Tugboat’s buddy received non cancerous diagnosis, Splinter’s meal plan for 8th son, Polar Bear Challenge, coffee, etc. Forgetting some for sure! Sorry…

COT: Greek Freak talked about the Weight of Emptiness. We go through tough times that make us stronger. Last week Greek Freak found out he didn’t get the job he really thought he was the frontrunner for. This was a difficult thing to digest and was a difficult past 7 days reflecting. Made him change his mindset to being grateful of the opportunity and realizing God had a perfect plan. Easy to try and fill yourself up with temporary things of this world, but more beneficial to fill yourself with knowing Christ paid the ultimate price for our eternal gift. Use emptiness to work on getting better, stronger, smarter and more relational. Ultimately, don’t fill your emptiness with things of this world, but with eternal things from our Father in Heaven.
Closed in prayer and frozen eyelashes.


-Greek Freak

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