Cornhusker Handicap Backblast 02/09/2021
-7°F, real feel -17°F, clear but who cares bc -17

Pax: 16, Khakis respect, Spreadsheet hate, Gunner, UHaul, Sticky Bandit, Othello, Dr. Thunder, Frosty, Grillz, Nugent, Port-A-John, Polaroid, Grease Fire, Vandelay respect, Safe Ride, Two Step

Q: Two Step
0530: Q welcomed PAX and reminded them of the Fs, the mission and core principles of F3.
No FNGs presented.
He also disclaimed his nonprofessional status.
Mosey: Crossed 67th St., rounded Spirit World and headed north from the B-Cycles to the Jones Bro’s Carage, cicled up second floor southwest corner.

Warm O’ Rama

Big Ones
Tappy Taps
Tater Taps
Monkey Humpers
Imperial Walkers
Cherry Pickers
Shoulder Presses

Pre-Thang Circled up on 2nd-third floor central slope
Circle Merkins

 Thang 3 Man Grinder
Pax counted and assembled into groups of 3, with the exception of modifying bruisers (4)
One remained by those 2nd floor doors and began listed set of exercises to be performed cumulatively by his group.
Threes were directed to take the stairs to the equivalent location on the third floor and begin the listed set of exercises placed there, also cumulatively.
Twos were the first push group, running the slopes of the garage up to third floor, where that PAX would run back down to 2nd floor.

Second floor exercises:
Burpees x 50
Merkins x 50
Jump Squats x 50
Big Boys x 50
Monkey Humpers x 50
Rinse & Repeat

Third Floor exercises:
SSH X 100
Man Climbers x 100
Plank Jacks x 100
Slalomon Groiners x 100
Bonnie Blair’s x 100
Rinse & Repeat

“Omaha” called by Q at 6:07
PAX encircled the Q at the playground for Mary

Frozen Freddies x 15
Flutter Kicks x 15
Rancid Hammers = 16 PAX

See Slack for meals for Splinter’s family /p birth of eighth boy.
Khakis Cafe for Coffeteria today and probably more days later this week!
Polar bear challenge is on. Post everday this bitter cold week, get a patch! Thanks Khakis!

YHC was looking forward to sharing prepared remarks on judgementalism, but they will have to wait until next time (day after tomorrow, Futurama). Part of my world got rocked yesterday. A friend , a guy I’ve known for 15+ years, we see each other a couple times a year, been to my house, I’ve been to his, doesn’t live in Omaha so not in F3, but I would’ve described him as a HIM, loving husband and father, takes kids boating and fishing, accomplished high school speech and debate history and subsequent teaching career, coached and took daugher to national speech and debate championship, which she won. He was arrested yesterday for child pornography. Hitting me like a ton of bricks. Never would’ve suspected. Life is over as he knew it. Life for his family forever altered. Daughters are high school students where he taught. Heaven forbid I forget about the victims, whoever or wherever they are. Do not take offense when I say this, I knew him as well as I know anyone here, if any of you are in anything like this situation, caught up in child porn, get help. Get out! You can be helped and redeemed. Do not let it ruin you. I cannot stop thinking about what this means. The burden of shame. To lose your freedom. No more shopping for a birthday gift for your daughter with your M, like I did last night. No more celebrations of birthdays or holidays. No travel. No more normal days with family or friends. I weep for that family. But I also have joy for all of us, here, who should never take for granted the freedom we have to do all of those things. We are free to come out here in the gloom, even when it is stupid cold like right now, for some first F, some second F happening right now. We are here to get the most out of life and that alone is joyful. Thank you for being here with me.
YHC closed in prayer,
Two Step

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