February 6, 2021 | Aldrich Elementary, The Oracle AO | 16 degrees, light snow
PAX: Wait Time, Toto, Warrio, Pothole, Tonight Show, Cheap Seats, (FNG) Tupac, DaVinci, Tater Tot, Vandelay, Khakis, Space Bar, Convoy, Roadhouse, Left Seat, Birdman, Waterboy, Grillz, Chuckie, The Plague, Slowpitch, Grease Fire, Two Step, Room Service, Retweet, Hard Hat, Pantyhose, Nailed It

Q: Sister Act
At 6:00, Sister Act welcomed all 29 PAX, introduced the FNG, stated the mission and core principles, and made sure everyone knew he wasn’t a professional. It was an awesome sight to see so many men out on a cold and snowy day!

WARMARAMA: PAX moseyed to the first parking lot east- SSH 20 IC- Tappy Taps 20 IC- Big Ones 15 IC- Imperial Walkers 20 ICMumble chatter abounded!

PRE PRE THANG: PAX moseyed up the hill to another parking lot and did some work on their chests and shoulders- ATMs 10/10/10- Arm Circles 10/10– Carolina Dry Docks 10- Chinooks 10 ICYHC knew just one round wouldn’t be enough for such a strong group, so we repeated everything again.

PRE THANG: After a mosey back to the first parking lot, PAX lined up facing east. Going down the line, one man would lead 10 Merkins, and then the PAX would duck walk about 40yds, then back pedal back to into line. This continued for 4-5 guys, but because Nailed It and Chuckie mentioned how much they hated Monkey Humpers, Merkins were changed to Monkey Humpers for two more rounds. YHC appreciated the leadership of those who led.

THANG: PAX counted off into groups of 3 and moseyed to the snowy field behind the school. At first tracks, the snow was hard and easier to run across, but as the impending grinder progressed, the snow got harder to trudge through. Not an issue for this group though. The grinder was cumulative, with the following excersizes being done at two sides of the field.- 50 Burpees- 100 Werkins- 150 Air Squatsand- 50 Dive Bombers- 100 Cherry Pickers- 150 Bobby HurleysMost rinsed and repeated before Omaha was called – nice work!

MARY: Back toward the shovel flags, PAX circled up for Mary.- Frozen Freddies 25 IC- Heels to Heaven 20 IC- Big Boy Sit Ups 15- Flutter Kicks 20 IC- American Hammers – Rancid Style

COT: A lot comes from showing up in the gloom, and one of those is being inspired. YHC had a bit of a down week, resting up from a long weekend trip last week, and had been feeling a little “meh” after four days of not posting. His 8th grade daughter, however, provided him some much-needed inspiration as she played volleyball and dived all over the floor – giving her all for her team. He was thankful for the reminder that inspiration doesn’t have to come from the most miraculous experiences; inspiration is everywhere.
God tells us that since the creation of the world, His visible characteristics have been everywhere – much like the light snow that was falling or seeing the determination of a young woman on a volleyball court. God also has invisible characteristics – and perhaps those can be found in the resolve or care for a brother seen in a fellow PAX member. Regardless, His inspiration is everywhere. We can’t miss it – we just need to have our eyes and hearts open to it.

Aye, brothers!Sister Act

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