February 5, 2021//Burke High School//AO-The Golden Spike//21 Glorious degrees//

19 Pax: Vandelay (Respect!), Tuner, Brazilian, Spacebar, Chucky, Mother Goose, Retweet, Crab Cakes, Ice T, Rollbar, Tonight Show, Waterboy, Z-Bo, Black Flag, FDIC, Tin Cup, Saul, Wentworth, and Folsom.

Q: Folsom

The PAX gathered on the street, many of the them having just arrived back from their pre-run. Folsom wished everyone a happy Friday! The mission statement was forgotten, the 5 core principles were stated, and the disclaimer was made. Folsom briefly explained that today’s beatdown would allow everyone a chance to pick and lead an exercise. He called it the Libertarian Beatdown. Folsom explained that as a Libertarian, he believes in everyone’s right to choose for themselves and to suffer the consequences of those choices, but since this is F3, the PAX would suffer together. Then Folsom lead the PAX on a mosey to the far corner of the parking lot.

Warm O’ Rama (10 minutes)

  1. Imperial Walkers ICx12
  2. Don Quixote ICx10
  3. Sobriety Style Sun Gods ICx10 each direction and each foot
  4. Some other things, Folsom can’t remember
  5. SSH ICx30

The Thang: Manslaughter Bunnies (25minutes)

Folsom had the PAX count off, he was number 19. Then lead the PAX on a short mosey, probably .2 miles, then had the PAX circle up for the first of 7 pain stations. The PAX numbered 1, 2, 3 got to pick and lead an exercise. 1 had to lead a lower body exercise, 2 lead an upper, and 3 lead a core exercise. Then the PAX moseyed again, to circle up for numbers 4, 5, 6 to lead with the same guidelines. This continued until Folsom, #19, was the only one left, so he combined all the categories and lead the PAX in 15 Burpees.

MOM: No need for Mary today, but it is Folsom’s favorite muscle group behind biceps. Folsom attempted to lead the PAX in a Steinl style run through the various Bear Planks. 30 seconds of holding a bear plank, then Polar Bear ICx10, had to take a 10 count, then Bear Plank for 10 seconds, Grizzly Bear ICx10, another 10 count, finally Polar Bear ICx10. Folsom thought this really sucked, but no one agreed with him, maybe they all did it wrong.

Announcements/Prayers: 2nd F lunch and happy hour today! Check Slack for details. Prayers for Mother Goose’s mother as she undergoes back surgery. Prayers for all the friends and family going through things this time of year.  

COT: I went meta here and did a CoT on the CoT. Let me explain. Khakis had this idea to talk about the core principles of F3 whenever he gives a CoT in 2021, and because it was a great idea, I stole it. Today, I decided to talk about the Circle of Trust. Why do we do it? Can’t we just have a great workout, and chat about things at coffee? No. Here’s why I think the CoT is the most import thing we do. Once a man gets comfortable with his fellow PAX, which he achieves through getting dirty, sweaty, and tired, and having another man, come back and pick him up and help him finish the beatdown, a man feels he can trust them. When a man trusts his fellow PAX, he can open up to them, and once in a while a PAX does this in his CoT. He becomes vulnerable and shares his burden. Immediately after having done that, he feels a great weight lifted off his shoulders. Then, on the way to his car, or a little bit later at coffee, something amazing happens. Another PAX member comes up to this man, and shares that he has the same burden. The first man thought he was alone in his struggle, but no, another man has shared that he too has the same struggle. This happens time and time again. The PAX feel better already, now knowing they are not alone in their struggle. Some other PAX come forward and share they had that struggle and offer advice, good advice. Everyone gains from this sharing and PAX become better men. They begin to realize that if they are open and vulnerable with the ones they love and trust, be it a M, their kids, friends, or family, only good things will come of it. Soon, another man shares his burden in a CoT and more men benefit. It snow balls from there. I know this to be true, because I’ve been that first man and I’ve experienced all of this first hand. By being vulnerable we become stronger, better, men and it all starts with the Circle of Trust. Aye- Folsom

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