AO: Top Rope

Date: 01/27/2021

Weather: A very fine light snow, 14 degrees

PAX (12): ArmBRA, Dr. Thunder, Convoy, Rollbar, Roadhouse, Wait Time, Re-Tweet, Chucky, Hard Hat, MoonMan, Kill Switch, Mufasa​

Q: Mufasa

Welcome: Thanked all for coming and bringing a shovel.  Stated the 5 core principles, made note that it is slick outside and to be careful.    


Mosey’d to the 2nd set of buildings East of the Shovel Flags


Tappy Taps 20 IC

Big Ones 20 IC

Sun Gods 10 each way IC

Cherry Pickers 20 IC

Overhead Seal Claps-At least 50 IC?  Everyone was talking and no one was counting.

Mosey’d back to the shovel flags and did Wait Time’s favorite, STEINL!

Mosey’d to the basketball parking lot next to the playground equipment.  Explained that we would split in 2 groups and perform SHURPEE LUNGES and half would scoop a pile of snow and lunge walk to the north end of the parking lot.  The 2nd group would perform 5 Burpees and then either AMRAP Merkins or Squats until the 1stGroup lunged their way across the parking lot.  PAX would switch and continue this until Omaha was called.  Omaha was called with most HIM, performing, at least 50 Burpees and over 80 merkins and/or Squats or at least, that is the amount I counted to.   


Called on Convoy for First exercise and he chose Gas Pumpers 20 IC-Horrendous call after all the lunges and squats but to each its own

Called on Dr. Thunder next and he chose: Low Dolleys 20 IC

Called on Armbar Scissor Kicks 20 IC

Ended with Rancid Style, 3 times around the circle with American Hammer 36 IC

Closing: Asked for Announcements and Prayers:  Roadhouse mentioned his friend Mike who last both parents in the past year and is expecting a child in the coming months.  Prayers for Mike.  Armbar mentioned about a run???  I black out when I hear anything about running in addition to posting, so I don’t know exactly what was said…ask Armbar if you want to go for another “Fun JOG” which is free as well.  Head slap.  

COT:  Motivation.  Surround yourself with a positive people, a positive environment, and celebrate your small wins.  

Closed us out in Prayer

SYITG! – Mufasa

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