The Sandlot – Great Day for a Mosey

February 4, 2021 / AO – The Sandlot / 5:30 / Temperature:25degrees with a 25 mph wind and snow and feels like temp of 7

Pax:  KOA, Fire Walker, Ferdinand, Trench, Skittles, High Life, and Squeaky Clean

(we were definitely missing some of the Sandlot regulars…..not trying to call anyone out here?)

Q: Wentworth 

Started promptly and welcomed the PAX to F3 Omaha at 5:30. The 5 Core Principles were given.  

After seeing what the pre-runners looked like from running the past 30 minutes on the trail, an audible was called to run south in the neighborhood to avoid a little of the wind and snow in the face.  We couldn’t avoid it all obviously, but there was no need to run on the trail this morning.


​We all followed Trench on a route to the south of Halleck park and a big 4 mile loop.  The PAX broke up into about 3 groups and YHC settled into my normal 10:00 pace which was fine until we were right into the 25 mph wind and sideways blowing snow.  Mumblechatter was low, but we did reminiscence about the terrible Creighton basketball game last night where Georgetown shot lights out and Creighton couldn’t do enough to pull off another come from behind win.  I can’t tell you what Trench and the other Sugar Ray’s were talking about during their run as I was a long way back from them.  This morning’s run reminded me of a classic Fire Walker quote, “No great story ever comes from a smart decision.”  I am taking this quote out of context, but it still applies to this morning and the 40:00 / 4-mile run that we shared this morning.  

​In a weird way, my body appreciated the rest day from squats/lunges/merkins/alternating shoulder taps/flutter kicks/big boys/monkey humpers/Apollo Ono’s/pickle pushers/Carolina Dry Docks and all of the other pain stations that I have been going through in my head…

​These 7 HIM will not forget this 4-mile run for quite some time and we will look back at it during the June-August days in the hot and humid mornings and try to remember the brisk wind and snow from today.


​I just remembered about Mary now, but didn’t remember after the 4 mile run in the elements.



Taken from Q-Source Q 2.4 Positive Habit Transfer

Can you learn to do things right from a man who does things wrong?

This question got me to think about my childhood and some of the things that I learned from my dad were exactly in this way.  One example is that my dad smoked for 50+ years and I knew that I never wanted to smoke.  He would smoke in the car and in our house and he never allowed me to even crack the windows in the backseat or he would pull over.  (you know what I mean by PULL OVER!)

This also makes me think of all the ways that your kids watch and mimic everything we do as parents.  As HIM, we need to be aware of this and we need to lead by example.  Your words won’t mean much if your actions don’t match.  Look for someone to edify today.

Ended in prayer.



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The Sandlot

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