AO: Oscar Mike (Halleck Park, Papillion, NE) – 0600 // Date: 1.30.21 // Weather: 29 degrees & clear // Q: BetaMax // Pax: (4) BetaMax, Wentworth, Lemon Law, Gumbo

YHC gave the mission statement, core principles and disclaimer about not being a professional, with special emphasis on speed and foot placement, given the icy roads.

Gumbo, Wentworth and YHC did a pre-run before Oscar Mike and assessed that the concrete roads were treacherous with black ice.  That said, YHC wanted to give the Papio trail a try with hopes the parks department cleared much of the snow and maybe the excess had melted.  We made it “almost” onto the trail when one member hit black ice and went down hard. 


The “About face” command was given, followed by, “Forward march.” We stuck to the black top and trail around the pond.  YHC was really glad he gave that disclaimer…

3 miles is pretty slow for Oscar Mike but a decent pace, given the conditions.

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