02/03/2021 | Paradise Island  | 22 degrees and breazy

PAX: Vandelay, Biff, Othello, Icy Hot, Khakis, Slow Pitch, The Plague, Grease Fire, Blue Chip, Ice T, U-Haul, Tony the Tiger, Skipper, Knobs, Merch

Q: Gunner

Gunner started at 5:15am with the F3 greeting as a few Pax were still pulling into the parking lot.

The Q stated the F3 Mission Statement and 5 Core Principles and the disclaimer. Afterwards, the Pax moseyed out to the North toward Whole Foods parking lot for Warmarama.

The run route was North on Regency Pkway and the Warmarama stop was at Whole Food Parking lot

Warm- O- Rama

  1. 12 IC Don Quixiotes
  2. 12 IC String Rippers
  3. 15 IC Butt Kickers
  4. 12 IC Big Ones

Moseyed north again towards Westroads and turned east at the rock wall to the first access road of the mall

First Stop

  1. Deconstructive Leg Squat set 10-10-20

2. Calf Raises Straight -25 IC

3. Tempo Apollo Ohno Squats – 15

4. Calf Raises Toe In-25 IC

5. Leg kickbacks-20 each leg on OUT

6. Calf Raises -25 IC

Moseyed around 98th Street heading north to the second stop at the 3rd access road to the mall parking lot

Second Stop

  1. Deconstructive Leg Squat set 10-10-20

2. E2K-15 IC

3. Tempo Apollo Ohno Squats – 15

4. Dying Cockroaches -15 IC

5. Leg kickbacks-20 each leg

6. Inverted Toe Touches -15 IC

Moseyed west along Nicholas Street to the next stop behind the Bus Stop.

Third Stop

  1. E2K-15 IC

2. Calf Raises Straight -25 IC

3. Dying Cockroaches -15 IC

4. Calf Raises Toe In-25 IC

5. Inverted Toe Touches -15 IC

6. Calf Raises -25 IC

Moseyed back south on 102nd street toward the Whole Foods parking lot

Fourth Stop-


January and February birthday pax (Grease Fire, U-Haul, Icy Hot) counted to their birth date while the Pax held a sitting position.  At their birth date everyone jumped.  3 sets

Announcements/ Prayers

U-Haul commended all Queens Service Pax for an excellent job

The Plague announced Splinters new baby son and prayer requests for all families that are about to have a child or trying to have another child.

COT – Shared with the group of house blessed and fortunate that I have good physical and mental health. I told the pax about an article I read (link below) that had a strong impact on my perception and understanding of mental health with others. I said that up to about 5 or 6 years ago I thought mental health didn’t really exists.  I shared that I have come to understand that other people do suffer from various mental health experiences and behaviors and I need to do better to understand and be more compassionate when it comes to other peoples mental health.  I am blessed and in great health. I need to be more accessible to others who are not as fortunate as me so they do not ever think in the same manner as this baseball player


Closing Prayer

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Paradise Island

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