AO: Heavy Metal, Stinson Park, 5:30am, 22deg/calm, beautiful

Q-Honey Stinger

PAX: Folsom, Safe Ride, Brazilian, Samples(respect), Bloodshot, Black Flag, Bovine, Sticky Bandit, E85, Toadstool, Wentworth, Spacebar, Zebo, Beta Max, Tuner, Stella, Welcome FNG Tom-F3 Low Flow

Greetings, mission statement, core values, welcome FNG Tom Volk/Low Flow. Tom is the father n law of Black Flag and we welcome him to the Omaha PAX with open arms. He is a beast!!

WOR: With U2s Where the Streets have No Name building in the background Stinger leads in to a unexpectedly fast paced and fiery warm up session.

• Leg bends -Jumps/arm Swings
• SSHs
• Imperial walkers
• Goof balls
• Leg Kicks
• Sun Gods/calf raise
• Tappy Taps
• Zombie walkers
• High Knees

After high knees Stinger launches the PAX into a quick round of BMWs. Bobby Hurleys-15, monkey jumpers-15IC, Werkins-15

With the PAX still just off a plank position Stinger makes them return to Plank for a Yoga/ATM/stretch and bend session that included single arm and leg extension while in plank. Heart rates were high and arms were burning and it was only the WOR

The PAX circles up weights in hand. Stinger has a person as the push drag two 40lb salt bags to a bench, do 10 dips and then run back to push the following exercises that are done AMRAP.

• Goblet Squat
• Bent over Row
• Single leg Lunge
• 10 Merkins/20 Airsquats
• LBCs
• Chest press
• Chest Flys
• Skull Crushers
• 10 merkins/20 air squats

Stinger changes the scenery and moves the PAX over to the benches to change things up a big

• (Head to benches)
• 20 Dips
• 10 Step ups IC
• 15 Derkins
• 15 Incline merkins
• 15 Butt lifts (2 rounds)

Back to playground to finish up with

• Arnold press
• Squat jump with weight
• Tricep extensions
• Big Boys

6MM-Flutter kicks-15IC, Low Dollys-15, LBCs-12IC, American Hammer 18

COT: It’s great to look back, to celebrate the past sometimes. Don’t dwell in it. The HIM of F3 are much more interested in where you are going rather than were you have been. Live life though the front windshield my brothers, not the rear view mirror. Aye

YHC- H.S Stinger

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Heavy Metal

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