Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2021 | Cornhusker Handicap | Stinson Park | 16-degree wind chill

PAX (21): Gunner, UHaul, Port A John, Khakis (Respect), Replay, Polaroid, Vandelay (Respect), Othello, Panty Hose, Waterboy, Spreadsheet (Hate), Two Step, Frosty, Safe Ride, Bovine, Slow Pitch, Lucky Charms, Dome (Hate), Icy Hot, Disco Ball (Down Range), E-85 (Hate), Sparty

Pre-run: Panty Hose, Two Step, Disco Ball, Sparty, Slow Pitch, Icy Hot, Vandelay (Respect), Lucky Charms, Othello, UHaul, Frosty, Spreadsheet (Hate)

Pre-Ruck: Safe Ride

QIC: Sparty

YHC showed up around 04:45 to get set up in time to be able to pre-run. As I arrived and drove up to the 4th floor of the parking garage to put my things out, I realized I was driving away from an empty parking level and leaving a backpack in the middle of nowhere. YHC was hoping there weren’t any cameras filming and calling the bombsquad……I made my way down to the park and was greeted by a plethora of HIM that were looking to get in some pre-work. We each took a second to introduce ourselves to Disco Ball as he was Down Range from Illinois. While the mumblechatter was solid out the gates, when the PAX hit Shirley, all that could be heard was heavy breathing. No one got hit by a vehicle or took a spill on ice, so it was a success.

As the pre-movers returned to the shovel flags, a nice size group had gathered. Promptly at 05:30, YHC welcomed everyone to F3. Before going in on the cadence, I called out and introduced Disco Ball to the PAX as our guest for the day. The PAX were energized by having someone from a different region join our beatdown. YHC completed the welcome cadence in professional fashion with a reminder (disclosure) that I am not a professional. So please modify as necessary. To help ease the anxiety of the men, I shared that we would not be traveling to Shirley today. Not as a result of the weather, rather due to the surroundings and what was at my disposal for a beatdown today, we are were going to be using the parking garage. YHC was ready to get the PAX moving and so a nice long uphill mosey ensued as the HIM made their way to the parking garage, then up the ramps to the 4th floor. The Pre-Thang was complete, and it was time to warm up.

Warm-a-rama: focus on stretching today

  • Big Ones – 20 IC
  • Tappy Taps – 10 IC
  • Tater Taps – 10 IC
  • Small Ones – 30 sec. count
  • Alternating Sprinter Stretch – 10 IC
  • Sun Gods – 10 F/10 R IC
  • Cherry Pickers – 10 IC

There seemed to be a sigh of relief from the PAX as they took some time to stretch their lower extremities as this was a focus of the warm-up. YHC continues to push the “Small Ones” as the men seem to enjoy the stretch, and he knows it will catch on soon. As we wrapped up, it was time to explain The Thang real quick. 2-Man Grinder, partner 1 would run all the way down the stairs and back up with their partner did the exercises in order as an AMRAP while the stairs were being ran.

The Thang:

  • Werkins
  • Gorilla Humpers
  • Big Boy Sit-ups
  • Burpees
  • Ranger Merkins
  • Jump Squats
  • American Hammers
  • Burpees
  • Chuck Norris Merkins
  • Air Squats
  • Gas Pumpers
  • Burpees

Running the stairs was exciting for YHC as I thoroughly enjoy them. While The Thang was happening, here is the exciting pieces to share: the windows were foggy, the stairs were moist, and some men were taking off some clothes. Roadhouse is gushing as he reads this. YHC heard his favorite word when he Q’s a few times and it rhymes with duck. There were also a handful of people praying, but not sure why they incorporated Sparty into their intentions to Jesus. Either way, it was fun by all. At 06:05, YHC called out “Omaha” to shut down the massacre, and we made our way to the swing set. Once the 6 was in, it was time for some Mary.

6MoM: Rancid Hammers (21 IC)

Announcements: U-Haul gave a shout out to all the men doing Queen Service and applauded their efforts thus far. Safe Ride gave a shout out to Disco Ball for proactively reaching out and joining our beatdown. Sparty encouraged the PAX to sign up for the Heartland Hope Center this Saturday if their schedules allow for it.

Prayers: Our brother Splinter……………..cell had their baby. Continue to pray for them as his M recovers and their family adapts to another child in the family. Continue to pray for our brothers who are expecting their first child to be born soon, as well as pray for those PAX who’s M is struggling to get pregnant as this is not an easy experience. Lastly, continue to keep our PAX in your prayers that are recovering from injuries. The numbers are rising, and we need these men to heal up.

COT: My message today is 2 fold: 1.) “Stay in the deep end” and 2.) You are a part of something much bigger than yourself. So the first one, if you need to “stay in the deep end,” you need to first get in the deep end. We are all on different points in our fitness journey, as well as our F3 journey. I encourage you to keep digging in. If you have only been posting occasionally, start joining coffeeteria. If you are doing that, read Freed to Lead. Also, start joining Q Source discussions which we have 2 options throughout the week to join. Step up a Q as often as possible. Dive into the fellowship. Hang out with the PAX outside of beatdowns. Do Happy Hours, or organize a pop-up beatdown with a HH after. But lean into the men you are closest to and build shield locks. If you’re doing all of this, volunteer your time and bring volunteer opportunities to the PAX. I encourage you to keep pushing further and don’t just treat F3 as a workout group. We are a leadership group that works out together. We are growing rapidly and things are really going to speed up when the spring gets here. In order for our region to survive and even thrive, it requires that we continually nurture new and more leaders. Don’t just jump in the deep end, but stay in it!

Secondly, as we continue to grow exponentially, and with the plans of being in the public with an event, its imperative that we think and act responsibly. We are seen around town in our F3 gear or with stickers on our vehicles. We need to be conscious about how we are seen. You can’t google “F3” and find negative reports or stories about us. We need to be intentional and responsible about our actions as there will be big targets on our backs, and we represent something much larger than ourselves. We don’t just represent Omaha; we represent the whole nation.

So I encourage you to get in the deep end, and stay there! And don’t forget who you represent!

YHC took the PAX out in Prayer.



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