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QIC:  Girl Dad (VQ)

YHC rolled into the parking lot as the 0500 were taking off. The nerves rose as there were already 12 vehicles there for the pre-run on VQ day. How many more were on the way for the main event? After the PAX were out of sight I made my way over to the now infamous hill at The Sanitarium to perform a few trial runs using a variety of sleds for the forthcoming main event. The snow packed hill was fast, but at this point I knew the Top Gun mission was a go. The 9 sleds were concealed behind a nearby snow pile – out of sight from the nearby shovel flags. 

Shortly thereafter, cars began trickling into the parking lot – including two (2) FNGs that were eagerly awaiting the unknown to come. The prerunners returned and additional PAX gathered into the traditional circle at the shovel flags. A 1-minute warning was given, along with the sound of Game of Thrones theme music from a nearby speaker, over which the welcome, mission and core principles were shared with the group. YHC inquired about FNGs to which the answer was two. As a result, extra time was spent giving the standard disclaimers. Let’s go!


The group was instructed to mosey around the snow-cleared, upper parking lot and rendezvous in the center for further orders. The traditional warm-a-rama began with the following exercises:

1. Imperial Walkers (15 IC)

2. Cherry Pickers (15 IC)

3. Side Straddle Hops (Danger Zone)

YHC then explained the significance of Danger Zone as the PAX flashed back to the pre blast. Danger Zone involves Side Straddle Hops to the timeless hit by Kenny Loggins on Top Gun (3:30). A burpee was performed every time Kenny uttered the lyrics “Danger Zone” (17 total). The music immediately transitioned into the Top Gun Anthem, where YHC interrupted the party to let them know we had a situation to attend to – aka the Pre-Thang!


The pre-thang involved a Ciabatta (TABATA) performed to various hits from the Top Gun soundtrack. The PAX cycled through the following exercises 45 seconds of AMRAP and 15 seconds of rest: 

1. Merkins

2. Wojo’s

3. Alt-Shoulder Taps

4. Apolo Ono’s

5. Mountain Climbers 

Note: When “Take My Breath Away” was played YHC quickly skipped forward to avoid the awkward eye contact during Wojo’s!

The PAX completed 8 cycles before being interrupted yet again by the Top Gun Anthem song. We had another situation to attend to! A friendly was lost over enemy lines over difficult terrain (the Sanitarium hill) – and needed help. This was the Real Thang!


The Burpback mountain rescue mission required groups of 3. We had 27 PAX (perfect!), so instructions were given to number off 1 through 9 to split into even groups. Extreme excitement and moderate chaos ensued. YHC then detailed the plans for the Burpback Mountain rescue mission as follows:

1. The pilot (1 PAX) would take his aircraft (sled) down Burpback Mountain into enemy territory and perform AMRAP burpees.

2. The wingmen (2 PAX) performed 10 Monkey Humpers (on down) and then Crawl Bear down the mountain-side to “rescue” their pilot.

3. All 3 PAX would then high tail it to safety (run) to the top of the mountain.

4. Rinse and repeat was performed taking turns as the pilot.

At 6:05, “Omaha” was called and the PAX gathered for a quick picture on Burpback Mountain to mark a successful rescue mission. All PAX were awarded Top Gun status and associated privileges (a fist bump).

6 MoM:

1. LBCs (20 IC)

2. American Hammers (Sarpy style – Rancid count)

COT: Change the Changeable, Accept the Unchangeable, Remove the Unacceptable

This message was influenced by the sports psychologist of the Alabama Crimson Tide. He was asked what the culture was on the team that one this year’s national championship and the answer was simple – yet powerful. Change the Changeable, Accept the Unchangeable, Remove the Unacceptable.

We talked about CHANGE and the way it has touched all of us in the wake of 2020; however, there is no room to talk about what’s fair. Fair is a child’s phase (“that’s not fair”). We have to say if I can change it then change it, if not then bring yourself peace. Reality is always your friend.

Now, Remove the Unacceptable. Do you have a standard? The story of Mario Mendoza was shared and the historical relevance to the modern baseball term “The Mendoza Line”. This is the universally accepted standard for batting in baseball. Set a standard and hold yourself accountable.

Let’s not do self pity or comparison. If you do, you will always feel short-changed. It’s that feeling of giving someone $100 for change and getting back four $20’s. Don’t do comparisons about what used to be. “Used to be’s” don’t make honey!

Change the Changeable, Accept the Unchangeable, Remove the Unacceptable.

Fair? It’s a child’s phrase.

No self pity.

Set a standard for yourself.

Girl Dad


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