Back Blast 1/30/21- The Oracle 7am edition- Personal Growth Workout

PAX: 8- Moon Man, Vandelay, Patton, Tater Tot, Skipper, Ice T, Re-Tweet, and Crab Cakes

Q- Crab Cakes


Crab cakes greats the group goes over the mission and disclaimer with the PAX, no FNG’s so we do a short mosey to the Black top the PAX circles up for a little warm-a-rama. Of Side Straddle Hop, Tappy Taps, Imperial Walkers and Windmills.  Now that we are nice and loose, we go line up against the wall, the 1 place the school chose not to plow for the pre-thang.

Pre Thang-

​We line up on the wall for Batwings followed by balls to the wall Merkins.  Go back to wall sits for cherry pickers, turkey Chinooks and Moroccan night clubs in case the legs were not Jell-O already.  We finish up the pre-thang with donkey kicks

The Thang

​As promised not a normal Crab Cakes Q so we take a nice long mosey up the street to the top for a planned 3-man grinder.  Due to an Iccy lot and group size a quick modify to 2-station group workout. The Pax preforms a workout then runs or creative runs (back pedal shuffle duck walk etc) to the next station.

Station 1 is all Chest exercise we preform 15 of a given workout before going to station 2.  Workouts made sure arms were sore the rest of the day: Alt Shoulder Taps, Werkins, Punch out Merkins, Hand Release Merkins, Merkins, and Prime time Merkins.

Station 2 focused on Core muscles again not my strong suit.  The Pax will perform 20 reps of the given exercise before going back to station 1.  We hit a variety of exercises while in plank; Plank Jacks, Peter Parkers, Mountain Climbers, Groiners, Patton’s Pickle Pushers, and Parker Peter’s to make sure we balance out the right side. 


After a nice long Mosey back around the big loop and back to the shovel flag we circle up for a quick 6MOM. We finished off with Flutter Kicks, Windshield wipers, Protractor and American Hammers to conclude our workout.


We start with announcements and Tater Tot reminds us to check for 3rd F opportunities, Wentworth has an upcoming food pantry event. We also announce Cheap Seats has a new son, (the Q recommends name Nose Bleed Section). Congrats Cheap Seats. Also to be thinking of Splinter and his M as they welcome a new baby this upcoming week. For the COT the Q reminds that the best way to grow and improve is to push yourself at things you struggle with which is why he had lots of core and cardio in his workout today. We close out in a quick prayer thanking God for this morning and time together to help us push each other and thank him for the growing or soon to grow families in the Omaha Pax.

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