The Maize – “Optimize Your Inputs”

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Copperfield Park, Omaha, NE

25° and windy

PAX:  Wait Time, Tonight Show, Hard Hat, Yodel, Crab Cakes, Butterfly (Respect), Hawg (Respect)

QIC: Thomas

Thomas welcomed 8 PAX to the Maize. Stated the mission, credo and a disclaimer, mission and credo and then headed on a short mosey.


The PAX headed out of the parking lot to the street and then circled back to the parking lot for Warm-A-Rama.

Tappy Taps – 15 IC

Imperial Walkers – 15 IC

Cherry Pickers – 20 IC

Big Ones – 10 IC

Pre-Thang: The PAX headed out on a Beaver Run (or is it a Bieber Run?).  They followed the (mostly clear) trail along F street, stopping a couple times for merkins.  During the second round of merkins a train whistle was heard in the distance, prompting a set of 10 burpees as per the standard in the Olde Towne Pain Train tradition.  The run finished at the soccer field parking lot.


The PAX partnered up for a round of 11s in the parking lot.  They performed merkins on one end and air squats on the other.  The teams Al Gored to the six until all pairs had finished.  

For the second part of the Thang the PAX participated in their first ever game of Duckball.  The PAX were split into two teams and then proceeded to play a game of soccer while maintaining a duck walk position on the snowy pitch..  The Big One stretch earlier in the workout was important to keep from any pulled groin muscles during the match.  Omaha was then called and the PAX ran back to the shovel flags along the same trail.


Freddy Mercuries – 15 IC

Heal Touches – 20 IC

American Hammers – 20 IC


Announcements  There is a group meeting at 5 AM on the last Sunday of each month for a half marathon run. This month’s run will start near 156th and Pacific.


We all know that for our physical health we need to optimize the inputs into our body.  No matter how much we exercise, if we’re not taking in proper nutrition our health will suffer.  We need to take similar stock of the other inputs we place in our body.  What sort of media we consume and the people we’re around will have a similar effect on our mental health.

If you find that you become more anxious, or angry or other negative emotions after consuming certain media or being around certain people, I encourage you to reflect on that and see if that might be a sign that a change is needed.  Good inputs that positively affect your mental health are equally if not more important than the nutrition that impacts your physical health.  Optimizing both of those inputs is important to maintain good physical and mental health.



– Prayers for those battling illness, financial or relationship stresses

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