The Woodshed AO | Elmwood Park | January 29, 2019 | 19 degrees | snow covered ground (feels like 12)

PAX: Pony Express, Samples (respect), Buns of Steel, Bloodshot, Hard Hat, TC (respect), Cyclone (respect), Spreadsheet, Safe Ride, Tonight Show, Two-Step, Gunner, Huffy, Flanders, E85, Chiclets, Lucky Charms, Gobbler, Drone Strike, Lion Tamer, Frosty, Polaroid, Khakis (respect), The Plague, and Wait Time.

QIC: Wait Time

25 PAX took clown cars to the gloom at Elmwood Park.  Mumblechatter about the Steinl began during the introduction. Wait Time covered the F3 Mission Statement and Disclaimer and quickly led the PAX to the parking lot near the grotto for Warm-A-Rama.


Silent SSH x 21 IC | Burpees x 5 (after Drone Strike got called out by fellow PAX) | String Rippers x 10 IC | Hillbillies x 15 IC | Chinooks x 10 IC

At the completion of the exercises, YHC shifted into the Pre-Thang. Not to be accused of being too predictable, we began with Roadhouse’s Sexy Pre-Thang. Across town, Roadhouse led the Golden Spike PAX in the Steinl.

Sexy Pre-Thang:
Pickle Pushers x 12 IC | Pickle Pointers x 12 IC | Monkey Humpers x 15 IC | Johnny Drama with a thrust x 12 | Oh Yeah’s x 12 IC

After the Sexy Pre-Thang, the Bruisers split off from the PAX for a coupon workout. Remainder of PAX moseyed to the southern most end of the AO.


Wait Time led the PAX around the Triangle shaped area that was used for the THANG.  Three stations were set-up at each corner of the Triangle.  Station 1 included an assortment of sand bag coupons.  Station 2 had a mix of shoulder and leg exercises and Station 3 focused on the core.  The PAX were divided into three groups and completed the following exercises doing 15 reps each. PAX completed four stations before Omaha was called.

STATION 1 (w/ coupons): Cusack Squat, Curls, Kettlebag Swings, Lunge W/ Twist, shoulder press, and Uneven Merkins

STATION 2: Shoulder Taps, Cherry Pickers, Groiners, Crab Cakes, Planks and Chilcutts.

STATION 3: LBCs, Freddie Mercurys, Big Boy Sit Ups, Rosalitas, Heel touches, Box Cutters.

6MOM: American Thor 1:4 | 2:8 | 3:12 | 4:16


Half-Marathon Pop-up. Pax can participate in a half-marathon on Sunday. Run begins at 5A from 156th and Pacific.

Queen Service. Reminder to weigh-in for all QS PAX.

Check-in with 2.0s. Wait Time shared an announcement and prayer request. Earlier this week, he had two separate chats with his 2.0s. He shared that he often doesn’t get to some authentic “how are you doing?” conversation with his kids. Upon talking with them this week, he learned both were struggling with the isolation caused by the pandemic. They opened their hearts about their challenges. He encouraged PAX to have conversations with 2.0s and do not assume that they are “okay.” He was surprised to learn the extent of his kiddos’ struggles.


Wait Time shared Ecclesiastes 4.  He asked TC and Cyclone to read the scripture: “I observed yet another example of meaningless in our world.   This is the case of a man who is all alone, without child or a brother, yet who works hard to gain as much wealth as he can.  But then asks himself, “Who am I working for?  Why am I giving up so much pleasure now?”  It is all so meaningless and depressing.

Two people can accomplish more than twice as much as one; they get a better return for their labor.  If one person falls, the other can reach out and help.  But people who are along when they fall are in real trouble.  And on a cold night, two under the same blanket can gain warmth from each other.  But how can one be warm alone?  A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer.  Three are even better, for a triple braided cord is not easily broken.”

Wait Time expressed his appreciation for TC, Cyclone and Waffle House, who embody this “triple braided cord fellowship.” This scripture perfectly describes the fellowship and brotherhood in F3.  We are here to pick up other guys when they need it.  We get stronger physically, and more importantly, spiritually and mentally.  Many guys have shared how F3 has changed their lives and how they did not know they were missing the relationships or “secret golden thread” that braids us together.

YHC ended with a prayer.

Peace & Grace,

Wait Time

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