1/28/2021: The Berm, 21 degrees, 11 WC, Humidity 84%, Snow Covered fields – about 12” deep or more in some areas

PAX: Nailed It, Chuckie, Birdman, Theraband, Biff, Toto, Moonman, Panty Hose, Kill Switch, Wentworth, Magic, Doppler, Thor, Merch, Ketchup, FNG- Relish, Thumper.

QIC: Vandelay 

I arrived early to survey the terrain of The Berm- already disappointed that my initial beatdown could not be used because of the suspected amount of snow I would encounter.  There was definitely a lot of snow – and it almost seemed as though the entire park was untrod upon- that was about to change.  I was planning to bust out the Shovel Workout I used last year – with improvements, so that wasn’t a problem, but I was still deliberating how much snow I wanted to drag everyone across to get to an open field.  Birdman offered to drive me around to the east lot to survey the paths.  This proved to be a useful HIM offering and this reconnaissance mission was worth the effort as the east field would work out nicely for us. 

Wentworth sought me out as I was finishing set up and we got a 2-mile Pre-run in before the start.

YHC presented the mission and disclaimers- and reminded everyone that snow really sucks.  But as I had been previously reminded before by my wife – If you choose to not find joy in the snow- you will have less joy but the same amount of snow.  So the PAX was reminded to enjoy the morning and embrace our snow covered surroundings.  The PAX moseyed carrying snow shovels overhead.  We moved along the road to the east lot encountering one vehicle along the way.  Birdman is still wondering what they were thinking as they watched us mosey on by with shovels.


Windmills 12 IC → String rippers 12 IC –→   Cherry Pickers 15 IC→ Sun Gods 10F – 10R, Big Ones 10 IC→ SSH 15 IC(horizontal style like Snow Angels), Back stretches.

Pre Thang – Face and chest down in the snow

Plank – Hold for 30, 20 Merkins, Chillcut – Hold for 30, 20 Merkins, 30 Air Squats


Thang consisted of pairing up and 1 partner running 60 yardswhile your partner did an exercise in 5 Rounds.    Alternating turns.  Partner exercises were AMRP:

60 yard runners: Shovel O Snow Carry, Snow Ball Challenge (4 snow balls) right hand, Snow Ball Challenge (4 snow balls) left hand, 5 Hand Release Merkins, Snow Ball Throw and Retrieve

Partner: Alternating Lunges, Sow Shovel Transfer, MonkeyHumpers, Shovel O Snow Squats, Bobby Hurleys

After Completing all 5 rounds, partners were instructed to build a snowman or snowwoman at the 60-yard mark.  Artistic Creativity encouraged.  

Now this last part proved to be an interesting exercise.  Most of the snow was still unpackable, so nearly every snow person sculpture was basically a pile, but they really ended up looking like breasts placed across the landscape.  This should be interesting for the neighbors to observe after the sun comes up.

Rinse and Repeat as necessary.


LBCs 15 IC → Flutter Kicks 15 IC → Circle of Hammer (10 hammer IC, 10 rest, 10 hammer IC, 10 rest, 10 hammer IC, 10rest 10 hammer IC.


Count off and Name-A-Rama followed with naming of Relish – Welcome Brother.

Announcements & Prayers:• Ketchup and Relish asked for prayers for a co-worker who had recently lost her husband.• Doppler had another prayer offering, but I have lost the details.• I apologize if I have left others off, as well.• Wentworth announced that F3 will be volunteering at Heartland Hope Center Feb 6, 9:00-12:00.  Info on Slack.

Circle of Trust – Message from the Q – Vandelay:

You can choose to not find joy in the snow.  You will have less joy and the same amount of snow.  Yes, this is recycled, but appropriate for today.

True – I do not like snow – but it was my job today to Q.  My mindset would determine how everyone else would respond. My mindset adjustments that I regularly recognize are because of what I observe from my F3 Brothers, making me want to be better, despite myself.  Every member of F3 is playing a role in our group.  You never know when what you say or do will inspire or be a lesson to the PAX, who are observing in silence.  Be aware of the impact your example may set for others.

Aye! Vandelay

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