Thursday, Jan. 28, 2021 | Futurama | Memorial Park | 12 Degree Wind Chill

YHC pulled into the Memorial Park circle at 4:47am and was greeted by The Clydesdales that were looking to get their morning started right……..but my Spidey senses told me that there was a chance that Beta Max & Gumbo may have run to the AO. The men took off at 4:50am with Othello & U-Haul. I quickly put out my lights and cones before the pre-run.

PAX (21): Pony Express, Lucky Charms, Dome (Hate), Two Step, Mac’n Cheese (Hate), E85 (Hate), Sticky Bandit (Hate), TC (Respect), Polaroid, DaVinci (Respect, Respect), Port A John, Safe Ride, The Plague, Chicklets (Respect), Spreadsheet (Hate), Slow Pitch, Othello, Dr. Thunder, Spanx (FNG), U-Haul, Sparty

QIC: Sparty

Pre-Runners: Othello, U-Haul, Beta Max, Gumbo, Mac’n Cheese (Hate), The Plague, Pony Express, Slow Pitch, TC (Respect), Lucky Charms, Sparty

As the Pre-runners returned to the flags, it was 5:30am and YHC requested for a 10 count as I introduced myself to our new guy, Joe. I then went through the F3 Welcome cadence and gave a disclosure to make sure to modify today if you cannot do any of the exercises. With nothing else to announce it was time to mosey.

The PAX made their way down the drive back towards Underwood as YHC called out some exercises along the way:

  • High Knees
  • Butt Kicks

We then stopped at Underwood and knocked out a quick round of Monkey Humpers – 15 IC, then made our way back into the park with more exercises while we mosey’d:

  • Sun Gods
  • Overhead Claps

As we finished by collecting ourselves around the Memorial, YHC couldn’t help but notice Pony Express snuck into his car and left. While is was disappointing to see a great HIM like Pony have to leave early, I knew this was great ammunition for the Friday Site-Q rivalry. YHC asked the men to count off in 4’s, and while they followed these instructions, I stood atop of the planter so that I could speak and be heard. After the PAX were divided into 4 groups, instructions were given on how the The Thang would be executed:

The Thang: 4 Stations, 1 Push group, rotate counterclockwise

  • Push Group – Bernie Sanders up the hill then push Station 3
  • Station 1 – 20 Burpee Box jumps, then Bonnie Blair AMRAP
  • Station 2 – 20 American Hammers IC, then Big Boy AMRAP
  • Station 3 – 10 Chicken Peckers IC, 10 Australian Mountain Climbers, then Merkins AMRAP

There was a lot of good mumblechatter along the way, except during the burpees all that could be heard was bodies on the snow and heavy breathing. Some 10 counts were necessary, and plenty of encouragement amongst the PAX. Luckily YHC set an alarm to go off at 6:07 and the groups almost completed 2 full rounds at each station. The men Sloooooowly made their way back to the flags. Since this was Futurama, there was no Mary. Our man U-Haul got our FNG coached up quickly as it was time for Name-o-rama.

NOR: Lot of Hate, and lot of Respect! Great diversity in this group. Mac’n Cheese made sure YHC knew he is 27 and not 17 as I teased the day before. Great energy from everyone!

Announcements: 12 for 12 – a group of fun guys are running a Half this Sunday and will continue to do this the last Sunday of every month for the year. Let Armbar know if you’re interested. Plague let the PAX know that YHC is sponsored by David Goggins and is doing the 4x4x48 in March if you want to join – run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours. If you’re signed up for Queen Service and haven’t paid yet, please get your money in ASAP.

Prayers: Continue to pray for the PAX that have spouses that are very close to their due date, whether it’s their first child or 8th, it’s still very significant. Keep them in your prayers so that everything goes well. Also pray for those that are trying to get pregnant. This can be a challenge for some, and these couples need our prayers. Lastly, pray for all the PAX that our on the sidelines due to injuries.

COT: I like to go on long runs on Sundays by myself and a couple weeks ago, I felt myself in a crazy place. I was listening to some inspirational music and honestly felt like I was running with Jesus. As I was running over the interstate at Pacific St. I thought about how there was once a time in my life that I would have wanted to jump off that bridge. When I was 14, I battled some serious depression as I felt very lonely, always alone, and uncared for. I found myself in the kitchen one day by myself with a knife in my hand. Luckily I was a coward and I couldn’t do it. The reason I share this is not so much that story, but how I got out of that hole. I did it all myself. I didn’t have my parents around to be there for me. I didn’t have a mentor or someone I look up to that helped me. I relied on only my own will to want to get better and succeed. While this has a lot of positives of how it helped develop me into a strong man that has paved his own way towards a successful life, there are also a lot of negative things that come along with this. I hold grudges, I constantly have a chip on my shoulder, and the two things that I still carry with me that are bad qualities of a leader – I’m not good at asking for help or delegating, and I don’t accept help well, because I think I can do everything myself.

Something very powerful I’ve been able to learn over this last year and a half because of F3 is that I can and need to lean into others. I cannot live by myself anymore and do everything alone. Especially now that I have found my mission in life. I need help to make this work. The reason I am so passionate and want to help a young man is because I want to help someone the way I wanted to be helped. I want a young man that is in need to feel that someone believes in him, cares about him, and wants to help him be successful. While my story isn’t the exact same as maybe some of the young men we are looking to help, I know what its like to feel vulnerable all the time and have an easy outlet with drugs and alcohol. All that being said, I know we will accomplish what we’ve set out to do. But this is where it is very hard for me, I need help. In order for us to make an impact and help as many young men as we can, we are reliant upon company sponsor donations. I ask that if you know of a company, and maybe it’s your company, give me an opportunity to sit down with them and share our story and mission. I need help and it’s not easy for me to ask, but its necessary in order to help out our next generation. Thank you for the opportunity to lead today and to be vulnerable! Have a great rest of the week.

YHC took the PAX out in Prayer.



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