AO: Wild Kingdom 

DATE: 1/26/21 

Weather: 18 degrees, feels like 11, and approximately 11-12″ of snow on the ground and still falling.  

PAX (10): Moon Man, Cutting Edge, Thomas, Hawg (Respect!), Splinter, Wait Time, Doppler, Blue Suede, Armbar, Hard Hat 

Q: Hard Hat 

Welcome: There were 3 Pre-runners (Splinter, Armbar, & Hard Hat) that arrived to find that the plows hadn’t really done much with the roads and lots, but had cleared off some of the trails. Upon the return of the runners, there were more PAX than anticipated pulling into the parking lot. It was very reassuring to know that we’re not alone in this crazy pursuit of the 3 F’s. At 5:30, there were 9 PAX ready to get after it. The core principles were given, along with the disclaimer. There also weren’t going to be any merit badges given for keeping the group in a nice cleared off area, so warmarama was conducted in the middle of the usually grassy circle.  

Warmup: 10 Single Leg Deadlift Toe Touches IC –> 10 Knee Hugs IC –> 20 SSH IC –> 15 Mountain Climbers IC. At the conclusion of warmarama, the pre-thang was explained.  

Pre-Thang: Laredo 

24 Squats –> 24 Merkins –> 24 (each leg) lunge steps –> 400 meter run. The typical Laredo is OYO, but we did this as a group, and walked around in a circle doing the lunge steps. The plan was to do two rounds of this, but for as long as it took to do one round, we went on to do the Thang next.  

Tha Thang: MAMBA 

Partner routine, working toward cumulative totals for each of the exercises. One partner is doing the exercise in the middle of the soccer field, while the other runs to the goal line and back.  

50 Merkin Rolls 

100 Air Dramas 

150 100 Marionettes 

200 Bobby Hurleys 

250 Alternating Shoulder Taps 

At some point during the workout, a car horn was audible for some time. It sounded like maybe someone was having trouble stopping, or possibly was stuck. After a little bit the horn stopped. A little later, there was a truck pulling into the park, and it looked like Blue Suede. Sure enough, Blue Suede showed up and jumped into the routine. Omaha was called around 6:07, when most of the groups were somewhere into the shoulder taps. Mosey back to the grassy circle for Mary.  

Quick Mary: 24 Kobe Bryants 

Announcements: 12 Half Marathons in 2021. Last Sunday of every month with different routes each month. January route starts at 156th/Bob Boozer and Pacific, and will run around Zorinsky.  

Prayers: Splinter’s wife is due any day now. Prayers for the family.  

Circle of Trust: Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and 7 others in the same accident. That was a tough day for me, because Kobe was my favorite sports icon. I don’t think any other celebrity or athlete has impacted me as much as Kobe did. When I was 10 Kobe was making his way into the league and making a name for himself. I like basketball back then, and felt like I needed a favorite player. Kobe became my favorite. I would put on his jersey and walk 8 blocks to the outdoor courts in my town and shoot hoops. I wasn’t very good, but I spent a lot of time on those courts, wanting to be like Kobe. Over the years, I’d read articles about him, and how he was off the court. I came to realize that this guy worked harder than everyone else. This made me especially happy knowing he was my favorite player. It didn’t take too long for me to recognize that I didn’t really have what it takes to be a great basketball player, but I could still apply the work ethic that I started to learn from his example towards other things in my life. Over the years, with all of the people that have inspired me, I’ve realized that I’m not going to end up being just like them. They’ve got the things that they are really good at, and the things that they are passionate about. I might have different things that I’m good at and passionate about. I’m also still kind of figuring out what those things are. We need to see the things about others that inspire us, and connect it with the relatable aspects of our lives. Everyone has their own journey, but there is nothing wrong with taking that inspiration of others and using it to help make us better people.  


Hard Hat 

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