January 23, 2021 / AO – The Pit / 7:00 / Temperature:20 degrees with a small breeze

(As usual quite a few pre-runners and Oscar Mike prior to the 7:00 workout)

Pax:  Blood Shot, Hoosegow, Folsom, Rollbar, Ear Tag, Knobs, Rooney, Arch, Marv, Baby Shark, Crawl, Squeaky Clean, KOA, Girl Dad, Tony the Tiger, Trench, Gobbler, Fire Walker, Space Bar, Huffy, Ferdinand, and Gunner.

 Q: Wentworth

Started promptly and welcomed the PAX to F3 Omaha at 7:00.   The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and 5 Core Principles were given.  The men then made their way around the trail for a mosey.

Mission:  The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the reinvigoration of male community leadership.


            Mosey to the open space for some Warm-O-Rama  (  Sun Gods sobriety style / downward dog & upward wolf / cherry pickers / tappy taps / copperhead squats / big ones / high knees / butt kickers )


            Do-Ah-Diddy to the tennis court (let’s break up into 3 lines) first person goes down and does 10 merkins, then yells out “6” when he is done and the next person drops and does their merkins, continue until everyone gets to the tennis court  (3 lines was a little confusing as “6” was being called quite often and nobody knew for sure which group was supposed to do merkins, so then it turned into 1-6 or 3-6, etc.)

Circle Up  (  Plank Jacks 20IC / Copperhead Squats 20IC/ Carolina Dry Docks 20 / Freddy Mercury’s 20 IC) x2


            More Do-Ah-Diddy to the football field with 5 burpees

            Football Field 11’s with Apollo Ono’s IC with hand touch and then hand release merkins

            More Do-Ah-Diddy this time to the soccer fields with 10 squats

3-man grinder  (exercises at the cone bottom of hill, push group, and then exercises at the top)

            Bear crawl up the hill and crawl bear back down

Bottom cone all AMRAP (Bobby Hurley’s / Monkey Humpers IC / Oh Yeah’s IC / Crab Cakes IC / SSH’s IC )

            Top cone all AMRAP ( Flutter Kicks / Low Dolly’s / Pickle Pushers IC /  Scissors IC / Heels to Heaven )

            Do-Ah-Diddy to the shovel flags for some Mary



Mumblechatter was pretty light, but some definite laughs with all of the Oh Yeah’s/Pickle Pushers/and Monkey Humpers as they wondered what YHC was thinking about when coming up with this workout.  Knobs thought that it was about 8:30 as he was beat at around 7:50. YHC didn’t want anyone to walk away feeling cheated out of their money and time they put into this beatdown.  Do-Ah-Diddy was new for some of the PAX and I have to give my brother Folsom credit for bringing those to a workout about a month ago.  A little over 2 miles and almost 600 calories burned during the hour had a smile on this face.


            Quote:    Dark Helmet from 8 months ago (May ’20) “official statement: no statement necessary”  when asked the question of when is F3 Nation going to make an official statement to address everything that is going on with the pandemic and racial injustice and politics and the state of the world ….. Dark Helmet’s response was no statement is necessary and he went into our 5 core principles.  His point was talking about how we are “Doers” and that nothing is changed by simply making a statement.  From where I sit, I believe we have been given maybe the greatest opportunity of our lives.  We are living in a leadership Famine like I have personally never seen.  The opportunity is ours, if we will stop trying so darn hard to be RIGHT, and then try and show how others are WRONG.  Now get missional, quit worrying about your little baby feelings and your ego, and get to leading!  There is no need to look here for statements, only a need for you to remember that you are Freed to Lead.

Ended in prayer.



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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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