January 23, 2021 | AO: The Canyon | Gallup Park | Temp 23 Degrees, Wind 8 MPH

PAX: TC, Cyclone, Tater Tot, The Plague, Spreadsheet, Mac N Cheese, Side Dish, FDIC, (Sparty & Icy Hot did the pre-run and warm-o-rama before having to attend to other duties)  


At 7am sharp, FDIC welcomed the PAX to his 2 year F3 anniversary, gave the F3 mission statement, assuming they knew the 5 core principles, and very importantly reminded them that even after 2 years, YHC was still not a professional, and to modify, as needed.  He also said that there would be a playlist to the workout and it would sound like ‘Teenage angst at a frat party getting ready to head to Guitars and Cadillacs’…about half the PAX had no idea what G&C was. Ah the glory days.

We jumped right into the warm o rama

Warm O Rama

SSH x 10


– 20 arm circles each direction

– 20 seal claps

– 20 overhead claps

We then did squats/hold Al Gore to the song Flower by Moby

After the PAX felt their hamstrings burning, we jumped into the Pre-Thang


Kicked off the playlist

Lazy Dora – Partnered Up

– 100 Diamond Merkins (10)/ Plank 

– 200 LBC’s (20)/ 6 in Leg Hold

– 300 Monkey Humpers (25) / Al Gore

  (as luck would have it, Uptown Funk came on for perfect timing and rhythm to monkey humpers).

Next was The Thang.

We would continue to keep the jamz blasting and run towards the bridge area doing a Burpee Mosey (a chain run, where the back PAX drops, does 3 burpees, and runs to the front of the line, and the next PAX in the back drops). We would stop every so often to do group exercises based on a card drawn from a standard deck. 


Face Card – Burpees (10)

Ace PAX Picks exercise & reps

2- Goofballs (15)

3-Wide Merkins (20) 4- Scissor Kicks (20)

5- Pickle Pushers (15)

6-AST (20)

7-Supermans (10)

8-E2K (20) 

9- Bolt 45’s

10-Bonnie Blairs (15)

We eventually ended up at the splash park at the bottom of the bridge where we did the following: 

Step Ups x 15

Rocky Balboas x 20

Dips x 20

Incline Merkins x 20

Decline Merkins x 20

Decline AST x 20

We then ran back to the shovel flags with a burpee mosey and stopping every so often for group exercises based on the deck.


Took it out with Thunderstruck by AC/DC. Holding a plank position through the song, doing a merkin every time ‘Thunderstruck’ was sung.


I gave a rambling answer of how I was EH’d into F3 by Ponzi and Baby Grand, my first beatdown at The Paradise, remembering the Plague picking me up as the six, and how that is one of my core values I try to live at every beatdown.  I encouraged the PAX that they have their own innate values within them, and be sure to embody those and bring your whole self every place you go, and every impact you make. I ended with deep appreciation for everyone who chose to help me celebrate this day.



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