AO: Red Wings – The Anniversary
January 25 th , 2021
PAX- FDIC, Nailed It, TC, Chucky, Cheap Seats, Waterboy, Sparty, Hard Hat, Tube Socks, Toto,
Cataracts, Vandelay, Panty hose, Moonman, Bubbles, Pothole, Arm Bar, Uhaul, Saul, Thor,
Convoy, Big One, Wait Time
Q: Roadhouse
The Murph happened!
As I approached my one-year anniversary with F3 and my Q at RedWings to go along with it, I
reflected on the year. I thought about the beatdowns. I thought about the pain and the fact
that I have been sore every day for one year. I thought about the different sites. I thought
about the Pre-runs. But mostly, I thought about the PAX. I thought about the men that have
carried me and lifted me up in this past year.
I also thought about the changes that I have gone through this year and the lessons I have
In this one year, I have…
– Lost 31 pounds
– Gotten in the best shape of my life
– Done thousands of pull ups, pushups and squats
– Ran more miles than I have combined in my previous 40 years of life.
– Learned a lot of new terms for workouts (don’t google Merkin by the way…)
– Learned what CSAUP meant and then…
– Led a CSAUP
– Met a bunch of dudes whose names I don’t know…
So physically, I have changed and feel as good as a I ever have. But more important to me is the lessons I have learned from you guys! Here are just a few of my golden nuggets from the year.
– I have learned about vulnerability and acceptance from my friend Slow Pitch
– I have learned how to how to listen to understand as oppose to respond from Big One
– I have learned to get out of my comfort zone from Tube Socks
– I have learned how to push myself harder than I ever thought I could from Sparty
– I have learned that it is ok to be in pain no matter how big you are from Thor
– I have learned how to work out with a broken toe from Hard Hat
– I have learned how important it is to be a DAD from Slick

– I have learned how and why to pick up the six from FDIC and Vandelay
– I have learned why I should wear a mask from Ponzi
– I have learned how to light up the gloom with a smile from Tater Tot
– I have learned how to be humble from Convoy.. he is a beast by the way and you would never
know it…
– I have learned to bring my entire self to these workouts from U-Haul
– I have learned that being sexy is ok from Othello
– And from my man Wait time, I have learned to believe in people. Because he believed in me
more than I believed in myself.
– And I have learned so much from every single one of you. And I cannot thank you enough for
each of these lessons.

2020 was a tough year for me and candidly, I don’t know what I would have done without you. From this group, I found a light and I found support. I found brothers and I found love. At the end of the day… I found fitness, I found fellowship, and for the first time in a long time… I found faith… I love you guys!

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