Heavy Metal Backblast: 1.20.21 Forging a Child in the Mines of Mordor

AO: Heavy Metal // Date: 1.20.21 // Time: 0530 // Stinson Park, Omaha, NE // PAX (30): Beta Max, Gumbo, Z Bo, Sticky Bandit, Dome, Portajohn, Black Flag, Tater Tot, Davinche, Honey stinger, Frosty, Touche, Greasefire, Nugent, Patton, Othello, Doppler, Gobler, Lucky Charms, Cyclone, TC, Tuner, Wentworth, Spacebar, Folsom Stella, SafeRide, Bloodshot, Biff, and Drone Strike 

VQ: Drone Strike  

Warm O Rama 

Run one loop of the park 

20 SSH |10 Imperial Walkers | 10 sun gods both ways |10 air squats | 10 monkey humpers 


Three station Loop 

Station 1 Swing set 

10 Bent over rows |10 Shoulder Press | 10 Curls | 10 goblet squats | 10 Triceps Extensions each arm | 10 Single leg Lunges both legs | 10 Hammers 

Rinse and Repeat 

Run around stage to station  

Station 2 

15 Dips | 10 Merkins | 15 Air Squats |10 Pickle Pushers  

Rinse and Repeat 

Station 3 (push group) 

30 Second wall sit | 10 shoulder Taps | 10 Oh Yeahs 

Back to Station one 


10 Big Boys | 10 Whoa Dollys | 10 American Hammers 


YHC shared about my struggle with infertility and how my son Russell was forged in the Mines of Mordor (figuratively of course).  I talked about my almost 5-year journey that myself and my wife took to finally get pregnant.  It required time, surgeries, money, and many months of depression constantly looking at negative pregnancy test.  Through all that struggle, I was able to let the PAX know that my son is 8 months old today!!!  I left the group with 3 things.  

One: Men are allowed to talk about infertility. Infertility is tough and I wish I had a group like this when I was going through that time in my life.   

Two: I am here to help.  If anyone in F3 is struggling with infertility they can reach out to me.  I will help in any way possible.   

Three: When you see a young couple remember that “when are you going to have children” has a very different meaning to someone who is going through infertility.  I also explained to the group that when you hear a couple is going through infertility be mindful to not offer advice.  Instead offer empathy for their situation.   

YHC ended with Prayer 

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