F3 The Oracle, 01.23.21 – 6:00 AM
Weather – Cloudy with 5mph breeze, 19degrees, dry conditions.
PAX: Kakis (Respect), Sgt. Slaughter, Pot Hole, Wait Time, Hard Hat, Yodle, Slow Pitch, Tonight Show, Kenny G, Roadhouse, Da Vinci (Respect,Respect), Waterboy, Othello, Tube Socks, Vandelay (Respect), Convoy, Cheap Seats, U-Haul, Grillz, Nailed It, Chucky, Toto

5:55 AM PAX members strolled in from their leisurely 10K pre run, unaware of the fury Toto was about to bring.

5:58 AM parting of the seas occurred as Khakis’s Colorado finds a parking spot. Hurry up Khakis I thought to myself. I can’t start with out you.

6:00AM Khakis is right on time.

PAX are welcomed to The Oracle. No FNGs, reminder of F3s principles and mission was provided. Short disclaimer and mosey to high East Parking lot.

Side Staddle Hop – IC – 15
Tappy Taps – IC – 15
Imperial Walkers – IC – 15
Cherry Pickers – IC – 15

Mosey to low field West of school
Line up on wall

Pre Thang

Balls to the wall with:
15 Donkey kicks – mumble chatter occurs reminding us all how much we love donkey kicks.
20 IC Alternating Shoulder Taps
10 more Donkey Kicks – more mumble grumble

Circle up in field west of elementary.

20 IC Smurf Jacks followed by
22 Burpees around the horn. Drop on each HIMs Q for a burpee while counting off into groups of 4.

Mosey to Field near Trail and Dodge overpass.

Al Gored til the 6 was in.

The Thang

Provided locations of Four Stations, two South of over pass and two North. Each station, 4 exercises. 20 reps IC first round, 10 Reps IC

Station 1: Monkey Humpers, Alt. Jump Lunge, Bobby Hurleys, Smurf Jack’s
Station 2: Diamond Merkins, Alt. Shoulder Taps, Workins, Overhead Claps
Station 3: Flutter Kicks, Heel Touches, Freddy Mercury’s, Low Dollies
Station 4: Hydraulic Planks, Plank Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Pickle Pushers

20 IC Heel Touches
20 IC Dying Cock Roaches
20 High Dollies
22 IC American Hammers.

Name-O-Rama, No FNGs.

Announcements / Prayer Request.
Roadhouse – Anniversary Q this Monday Murph at Redwings. It’s gonna be sexy. Also weird.
Grillz – Wild at Hard book post Battle book reading has concluded. Share your experience and keep the conversations going on slack.


It’s always been easy for me to recognize the traits of a good leader because I can associate their actions with the betterment of myself. I often gravitate to those that are willing to be vulnerable, admitting their short falls, and willing to share their struggles. These are not easy environments for any leader but they will tell you that its the exposure that opens the door to enlightenment. We are inspired by the stories we hear of triumph yet grounded by stories of disparity. When I find myself in these moments of despair, I find personally find strength in Fellowship and Faith. These things I know, yet too often I avoid the uncomfortable environment.

My child hood was blessed with a number of great male role models. Grounded by their Faith, they always took the lead by bringing our large families together for prayer. It’s time I get out of my comfort zone and step up to the plate. I was willing to get uncomfortable this morning with hope that I may have the same impact on others as my elders have had on me. Today was the first day I prayed out loud, and from the heart for all to hear…. how liberating it was.

“Comfort the afflicted, afflict the comfortable.”

Sky Q,

We pause this morning to give thanks for the opportunity to gather on this beautiful morning

We give thanks for this group of men.

We thank you for their leadership, their desire to be better men for their loved ones, friends, and communities.

We ask that you continue to give us the strength and courage we need to be vulnerable, to test our limits each day and break free from our comfort zones so that we may experience this life to its full capacity.

We pray for our friends and family mentioned this morning. May you cushion their fall, heal their wounds, and lift them up.

In your name we pray,


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

The Oracle

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