Q: Lucky Charms 

14 PAX: Betamax, Blue Suede, Tin Cup, Roll Bar, Tug Boat, Baskins (respect), Safe Ride, Brazilian, Wide Right, Folsom, Cataracts, Dirty Bird, Sister Act, Stella 

YHC welcomed 14 men to The Battlefield. Mission statement, and core values were stated before notifying everyone that we would not be on the football field or track today. Being my first Q at The Battlefield, I did not realize the love the PAX had for their safe, flat area. Despite the mumbles and being declared Wide Right’s least favorite Burke, we proceeded as planned. Bruisers took a shortcut to the southwest side of the campus. Everyone else ran up to Pacific, down 90th and mat in the track & field training area for WAR. Blue Suede was asking if this was actually a Paradise Island workout. YHC ignored this mumble chatter and did his best to not be hit by cars on the narrow sidewalk. Direction for today was to always wait for the 6, and anytime a PAX was waiting for the 6, they would perform Bobby Hurley’s. 


  • Tappy taps – 10 IC 
  • SSH x 15 IC
  • Sun Gods x 15 IC each way
  • Caroline Dry Docks x 20 on down

The Thang

PAX stumbled back down into the parking lot, where we would complete a set of exercises that targeted most of the body, would sprint up the hill, do 5 burpees and return back to the parking lot. This was all done as one group, as we had the room to remain socially distanced and to endure the suck together. Rinse and repeat until Omaha was called. We completed four sets of the following, with PAX members rotating the count for each:

  • Alternating lunges x 15 IC
  • Air squats x 20 on down
  • Low dollies x 20 on open
  • Freddie Mercuries x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 20 on down
  • Caroline dry docks x 20 on down
  • Cherry pickers x 20 IC

Omaha was called and the groups again split up with Bruisers taking the shortcut back to the entrance to the football field, while the remaining PAX ran up the hill again and around to the meeting spot. 


  • American Hammers – Rancid style


  • Respect workout tomorrow at Paradise Island. 
  • Grow Ruck moved to the July 16th weekend 


“We’ve added years to life, not life to years.”

Setting yearly fitness and health goals made me realize that my focus the first three weeks of the year has been on that idea of adding years to my life. However, as the quote states, I wasn’t focusing on adding life into those years. YHC made a simple reminder to not get wrapped up in extending our life only, but to make the time to enjoy the life we are living right now. Do not wait, enjoy each day. 

Stella took us out in prayer. 
Lucky Charms

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