The Battlefield – Westside Football Field

The Thang 3-Man Grinder

Pax: Wait Time, Cataracts, Dirty Bird, Flanders, Super Nasty, Buns of Steel, Bonnie, Roll Bar, Sparty, Sister Act, Big One, Huffy, Gobbler, Water Boy, LPC, Polaroid, Lucky Charms, Two Step, Folsom, Space Bar, Honey Stinger, Grillz, Baskin, Hoosegow, Ramrod, Wentworth, Doppler, Ebert, Pony Express, Ponzi, Tater Tot, Starsky, Brazilian, Toad Stool, Khakis

35 PAX members assembled around the Shovel Flags at 5:30 AM on cold December morning.  Khakis greeted the PAX by introducing himself and welcomed everyone to F3.  He then went over the 5 Core Principles, Mission Statement, Credo and Disclaimer.  Asked everyone to get in groups of 3 for a 2X1 3-Man Grinder and then they all headed out to a snow covered Westside Football field.  In usual Khakis fashion that concluded Warmarama.  Cones were placed on the filed 75 yards apart with the same exercise to be done by each member at each end.  If you were lucky enough to get through all 6 exercises you were awarded with rinse and repeat.  Each exercise was actually 2 exercises combined into one in recognition of his 2 Year Anniversary. The exercise were as follows:               

  1. Scissor–Squats 2X1
  1. Monkey Hump–Groin 2X1
  1. Flutter-Crunch 2X1
  1. Mountain Climb-Hand Release 2X1
  1. Hydraulic-Hurley 1X1
  1. Side Straddle-Burpee 2X1

After 30 minutes of non-stop grinding Khakis called Omaha and The Thang was over.  Now onto Core – easily Khakis favorite.  6MOM consisted of the following:

  1. 15 LBCs (IC)
  2. 20 E2K 10 Each Leg
  3. 15 Low Dolly 
  4. 15 Freddie Mercury (IC)
  5. 15 Heel Touches (IC)
  6. 10 Big Boys
  7. 15 Heels to Heaven (IC)
  8. 52 American Hammers (IC)

COT – Khakis COT was simplistic in its message – we have something pretty special here with F3Omaha but it is extremely important to appreciate F3’s 5 Core Principles and our Mission Statement.  

  1. It’s FREE – where else can you find workouts like this year around that you don’t have to pay for?   There isn’t one.
  2. It’s OPEN TO ALL MEN – where else can you go workout or actually find an organization that is just for men?  There isn’t one.
  3. It’s ALWAYS OUTSIDE – where else can you workout year around outside?  There isn’t one.
  4. It is LEAD IN A ROTATING FASHION – where else can you just can you go workout and actually lead the workout?  There isn’t one.
  5. It ENDS IN A CIRCLE OF TRUST – where else can you go workout and end with men sharing their deepest thoughts and being most vulnerable?  There isn’t one.

We are fulfilling our F3 Mission every day to PLANT GROW AND SERVE SMALL WORKOUT GROUPS FOR THE REINVIGERATION OF MALE COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP – Were else can you find all of this?  I’ll tell you where you can find it F3Omaha …. Let’s take a knee.

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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