27 PAX:  Mufasa, The Plague, LPC, Super Tasty, Honey Stinger, Safe Ride, Cutting Edge, Spacebar, Sister Act, Folsom, Ketchup, Dirty Bird, Baskin (Respect), Parolee, Tincup, Cataracts, Toadstool, Big One, Khakis (Respect), Stella, Flanders, Wide Right, Griswold, Polaroid, Replay, Grillz, Splinter
Q: Splinter

YHC pulled into the parking lot at the same time as the great Grillz this fabulous morning. Gathering up a few items from the vehicle I opened the door and about landed on my 6 from the thin sheet of ice that covered the ground. Gathered myself up and prepped my mind for a sketchy pre-run. Took a quick trot down to the field and realized that we were locked out. MODIFY… Grillz told YHC there was a grass area that we could use down below. Placing faith in our site Q we were off for the pre-run with The Plague and Stella. After our little ice-skating adventure, we gathered with the incoming PAX around the shovel flag.
YHC stepped into the circle ringing a cowbell at 5:30 to welcome 27 PAX and no FNG’s to a beautiful morning. YHC commented “the only cure for how you’re feeling this morning is more cowbell, and burpees.” Mentioned what F3 is all about along with the 5 core principles. Mumble chatter was heard and YHC was pleased. YHC did remind PAX that Splinter was not a professional and to modify exercises as needed.

PAX moseyed down to a grassy field west of the school for warm-a-rama
Sun gods – 20 – IC (10 forward 10 reverse)
Cherry pickers – 15 – IC
Tappy-taps – 10 – IC
BIG Ones – 10 – IC

The Thang
PAX were split into 5 groups and each group was given a cowbell or “burpee bell” this morning. PAX were to proceed to stations and perform the exercise on the sheet and then ring the burpee bell. YHC then mentioned that every time the PAX heard a cowbell this fine morning, they were to perform 5 burpees (no matter where they were in their exercises). PAX were then to mosey to the next station. Rinse and repeat as time allowed. An extra burpee bell was given to The Plague for fun and he was told to ring the bell when he felt like some extra burpees. Here we go….

Station #1 –
Run lines between cones and ring the burpee bell when complete

Station #2 –
Alternating Shoulder Taps with a Merkin 25 – IC
Ring the burpee bell when complete

Station #3 –
Donkey kicks 25 – On Up
Ring the burpee bell when complete

Station #4 –
American Hammers 25 – IC
Ring the burpee bell when complete

Station #5 –
Squat jumps 20 – On UP
Ring the burpee bell when complete

Something funny happened this fine morning. We started with a fair amount of enthusiastic cowbell and then the cowbells became less and less as the workout continued. The second time through the rotation The Plague left his cowbell behind at a station and YHC had my life threatened by a fellow PAX member. Our dear HIM Khakis (Respect) took the opportunity to place the cowbell at station 4 on the other side of a soupy swampy mess so no one would go ring it. This morning was a nonstop no rest beatdown. It was tough and during the third time through the rotation YHC was traveling with Wide Right who “offered” to put me in a headlock if YHC didn’t call Omaha soon. YHC brought some light to this HIM letting him know we only had a few minutes left on the clock to which Wide Right replied “well let’s make the most of it…” YHC is still trying to figure out if this was sarcastic or not. After seeing many PAX laying in the snow in the fetal position or on their knees it was time to call Omaha. YHC is not used to being at a workout with Mufasa where you don’t hear something from this HIM so YHC offered to let him call Omaha to which he said no and walked away. YHC called Omaha and we set off for a quick mosey back to the shovel flag. Khakis (Respect) was done with burpees and before YHC could ring the burpee bell one last time he made the group start counting off.
Nope – Khakis (Respect) decided we were done.
YHC tried to operate a smart phone and welcomed some cowbell in the background.
Circle of Trust:
YHC was short this morning. The question was “what formed you?” YHC mentioned his relationship with his father where everything needed to be 100% all the time. As I grew this formed me into thinking that I had to do everything asked of me correctly or I had failed. As an adult this turned into YHC never wanting to be viewed as incompetent and willing to sacrifice time and hurt the feelings of those closest to me to perform for others. So YHC will tend to overwork and want to be noticed to cover up insecurity. YHC again asked the PAX “What formed you? What formed the way in which you cover up your insecurity?” The PAX were asked to consider this question as they left this fine morning to make a difference in the world.
Folsom mentioned a friend who is 44 in the ICU on a vent with COVID, Prayed for Frosty and a quick recovery from a broken ankle and for a family friend of Polaroid who lost a battle with cancer.
COVID is hitting the community, keep those who are on the front lines in your prayers.
Due your part and help us keep things in check during workouts. Space out and keep one another on our toes, if your brother has a problem being called out that is his issue and not yours.
–Prayed the PAX out

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