Wednesday Jan 20 2021 | Top Rope | Aldrich Elementary | Weather: 28 degrees light wind (feels like 19 degrees)
PAX: Tugboat, Armbar, Parolee, Backdraft, Nailed It, Kill Switch, Brazillian, Chucky, Rollbar, Tube Socks, Theraband, Birdman, Wario, Knobs, Mother Goose, Chippendale, Mufasa, Super Nasty, Moon Man, Doctor Thunder, LPC, FlandersQIC: Flanders
WARM-A-RAMASSH x 15 IC | Tappy Taps x 10 IC | Big Ones x 10 IC | Tater Taps x 10 IC | Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
PRE-THANG (SHOULDER-AMA)Sun Gods x 15 IC both directions | Cherry Pickers x 30 IC | Moroccan Nightclubs x 30 IC | Carolina Dry Docks x 30
THANG (PAIN STATIONS)PAX broken up into 4 groups. 4 pain stations. 1 chest, 1 legs, 2 core. 4 or 5 exercises at each station were planned to take roughly 3 minutes per station. No push required, just move on to next station when complete. 2 stations next to each other at entrance of Aldrich Elementary parking lot, 2 stations located a short mosey up the hill on Cass Street. Q was shooting for 1/4 mile mosey but turns out is a terrible judge of distance, it was more like 0.35-0.4 mile. Oh well, all survived.Station 1 (legs + some burpees for good measure): 10 burpees | Copperhead Squats x 10 IC | Squat Jumps x 20 | Monkey Humpers x 20 IC | 5 burpeesStation 2 (core): LBC’s x 25 IC | Mountain Climbers x 25 IC | Chilcutt Hammers x 25 IC | Big Boy’s 20 – mosey up Cass Street to Station 3Station 3 (chest + some burpees for good measure): 10 burpees | Diamond Merkins x 20 | Ranger Merkins x 20 | Werkins x 20 | 5 burpeesStation 4 (core): Heel Touches x 20 IC | Flutter Kicks x 20 IC | Freddie Mercury x 20 IC | Chilcutt Spiderman x 20 IC – mosey back down to Aldrich Elementary entrance and rinse/repeat Station 1
6MOM: Had been more than enough core so did Hammers and called it good
Prayer requests: Country, Birdman’s son (happy 9th bday!),
COT: “We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope.” – MLK. Setbacks are the price of admission that you pay basically everyday you wake up. Challenges enormous and tiny are unavoidable. If you maintain hope amid those setbacks/challenges they become mere obstacles between you and the finish line, whatever that is. You don’t always pick where the finish line is, but you can be certain that there’s a reward there waiting for if you accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope.
Arm Bar ended with a prayer

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