AO: The Berm 

DATE: 1/21/21 

Weather: 29 degrees with no breeze and clear skies 

PAX (20): Theraband, Nailed It, Big One, TC (Respect!), Killswitch, Short Sale, Range Ball, Chucky, Merch, Wentworth, Patton (Respect!), Thumper (Hate!), Hawg (Respect!), Butterfly (Respect!), Doppler, Tater Tot, Pantyhose, Sparty, Slow Pitch, Hard Hat 

Q: Hard Hat 

Welcome: The morning was dark, the PAX were stirring, commenting on the nice temperature and lack of wind at the windiest AO in the metro. As The Big One pulled into the parking lot, we all knew it must be 5:30. I gave a warm welcome, and quickly found out there were no new guys. That’s cool, they might not want to come back after this workout. Things were bound to get a little weird. With the core principals announced, and disclaimer given, all PAX were reminded that when it comes to the exercises, it’s you vs. You and there is bound to be some muscle fatigue experienced this morning. For the 2nd F though, it’s you “with” everyone in your group. Have an open mind, be vulnerable, and have a little fun with it. Warmup on the basketball court. 

Warmup: 20 SSH IC –> 10 Finkle Swings IC –> 15 Mountain Climbers IC –> 10 Iron Crosses IC –> 10 Alabama Ass Kickers IC. At the conclusion of warmarama, the grinder was explained. Then the PAX counted off into 4 groups for the 4 station group grinder.  

2nd F Grinder: All stations except for the push station have a list of questions and list of exercises. Each round, someone reads off the question, and the group does the exercise listed AMRAP while everyone answers the question. Ideally everyone in the group can answer each of the questions. If all questions get answered, then spend the time talking while performing the exercise. NOTE: There were more questions and exercises listed than what’s shown below. The stations were far enough apart and with the push station exercise, this allowed for lots of time to discuss each question. Each group got through two rounds at each station before OMAHA was called. Questions and exercises planned that are not shown below are being saved for a 2nd edition of this 2nd F grinder.  

Station 1 (in the bowl):  

Share something about you that you didn’t share when you were an FNG. Merkins 
What are you into now that you never thought you would be into? What’s something you used to be into that you’re not anymore? Flutter Kicks 

Station 2 PUSH (far soccer goal): 

10 Turk N’ Burps 

Station 3 (middle of random field): 

If you had to take a bath in a food, which food would it be? Monkey Humpers 
If you had unlimited resources, what frivolous thing would you collect? Not books. It has to be frivolous. Pickle Pushers 

Station 4 (Playground): 

What makes you tick? Pull ups or rows @ Swing Set 
Describe the lowest point in your life, or the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do. Dips @ picnic tables 

Circle of Trust: There wasn’t time for Mary, but there was plenty of flutter kicks that worked the core. No announcements, and prayers requested for some family members of PAX that are dealing with some health issues. Also prayers for injured PAX.  

I’ve come to enjoy the workouts where you have an opportunity to connect with your brothers in the gloom. It’s not that often that opportunities arise during a workout to chat, we get focused on counts, the destination to the next station, etc. You can have great conversations with guys over coffee afterwards, but not everyone can make it to coffee. You can have great conversations with guys on a prerun, if you both can talk and breathe and run at the same time. Not everyone does that either. I wanted to lead a workout where guys could get a good workout in and have some great conversations as well. The idea for this came from a conversation I had over coffee on Friday with a few guys. We were sharing stories and the conversation kept evolving, and eventually I shared the story of the time my truck got broken into during a prerun. It was June 20, 2019 and Wait Time and I were doing a prerun together before the workout at the Maize. We were discussing a lot of things, and one thing we discussed was the tragedy that occurred earlier that week when the four Gretna girls were killed in a car accident. I know the father of one of those girls, and couldn’t imagine the pain he was going through. When we got back to the parking lot, I realized my window was smashed and briefcase was stolen. I was the Q that day, and still needed to lead the workout. Had we not had the conversation that morning, I might have been extremely pissed off, and so shaken by what had occurred to me that I probably would not have lead the workout, and would have been distraught for a long period of time. The event that occurred that morning was so minor in comparison to what we had been discussing, and I realized immediately with what had happened that things could be much worse. That perspective helped me to handle the situation as best I could, and although it was a strange workout, with my mind all over the place, and a cop showing up during Mary and the COT, I think I handled things well. The conversations we have over coffee, on a prerun, or during a workout help shape our perspectives and open our minds to how our brothers do and think about things. These conversations can be extremely helpful in how we go about our lives. Find the opportunities to have a chat with your brothers in the gloom. 


Hard Hat 

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