Tuesday, January 19, 2021 | Wild Kingdom | Lake Zorinsky | Weather: 32 degrees and breezy (Feels like 23 degrees)

PAX: Ponzi, Slow Roast, ZBO, Wario, Skipper, Tater Tot, Big One, Khakis, Chucky, Nailed It, Hawg, Butterfly, Thomas, Tonight Show, Crab Cakes, Birdman, Sparty, TC, Vandelay, Short Sale, Patton, Hard Hat, FDIC, Mufasa, Cutting Edge, Pantyhose, Convoy, Yodel, Cheap Seats, Doppler, Moon Man, Ketchup and Wait Time.
QIC: Wait Time

PAX moseyed to the boat ramp parking lot.
SSH x 25 IC | Imperial Walkers x 15 IC | Tappy Taps x 12 IC | Big Ones x 10 IC | Shoulder Taps x 20 IC | Cherry Pickers x 30 IC

PAX moseyed to soccer fields for the Steinl.
Plank x 30 | Chilcutt x 30 | Merkins x 10 | Amazing Spiderman x 10 IC (Left) | Merkins x 10 | Plank x 30 | Chilcutt x 30 | Merkins x 10 | Amazing Spiderman x 10 IC (Right) | Merkins x 10

THANG: Buddy (No Bystanders) Beatdown
The PAX moseyed to the south end of the Lake Zorinsky Dam. Partnerships were formed with both partners completing the exercises together. PAX ran to the bottom of the hill and completed 1 burpee. Upon completion, PAX climbed to top of the hill and completed 11 Hand-Release Merkins. The beatdown continued with increments of 12 reps divided by the two exercises (Burpees:Hand Release Merkins.)

6MOM: Captain Thor – BB Situps x 6 and American Hammer x 24

Prayer Requests:
StVdP Family. Prayers for family at St. Vincent DePaul School. A student’s mom is battling breast cancer.
Sparty’s son, MVP. Celebrating MVP as a future HIM.
PAX Battling Injuries.

Circle of Trust:
F3’s principles include that our workouts are led in a rotating basis, and we exist to invigorate leadership in men. The bystander effect is a psychological phenomenon in groups. A bystander is less likely to extend help when he is in real or imagined presence of others that when he is alone.

F3 is led in a rotating fashion. We cannot exist against the bystander effect. It takes men stepping forward to help one another. As we grow, the risk of the bystander effect grows as well. The bystander effect seeks out anonymity.

Our rotating fashion starts by leading workouts, and grows to Site Q Leadership. This rises to Tater Tot’s willingness and commitment to be our Nant’an. It also exists in our homes when we sit on our ass and don’t fulfill our leadership role. As we approach our growth seasion, we all must step up!

YHC ended with a prayer.

Grace & Peace,

Wait Time

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