The Colosseum Back Blast: Avoid the Skunk (1/19/21)

AO – The Colosseum

1/19/21 – 27 degrees; breezy

Pax: Dirty Bird, Toadstool, Beta Max, Ice-T, Retweet, Stella, Bloodshot, Mother Goose, Wentworth, 2×4, Cadyshack, Tin Cup, Rollbar, Blue Suede, Air Heart (St Louis), Super Tasty, Tugboat, Honey Stinger, Baskins, Hoosegow, Spacebar

Q: Spacebar

Spacebar welcomed the PAX to F3 Omaha at 5:30 am. Delivered the Mission Statement, 5 Core Principles and Disclaimer were given. The PAX moseyed over to the

SW parking lot for Warm-a-rama.


• Side Straddle Hops x20 IC

• Abe Vigoda x15 IC

• Tippy Taps x15 IC

• Big Ones x10 (3 count for each leg)

• Goofballs x15 IC

• Sun gods (forward/backward) x20 IC


All PAX hold Plank

Starting with the Q, Go around the circle

Each PAX, one by one, calls out “1-2-3”

   Performs one Diamond Merkin

   PAX holding Plank keep the count

   Al Gore once you are out


PAX paired up with a partner. One PAX started working on the the exercises listed below. One PAX ran across the grass field, performed three Jump Tucks, returned to the workout spot and pushed his partner, picking up the count where his partner left off.

• 50 Merkins

• 100 Groiners

• 100 Air Squats

• 50 Hand Release Merkins

• 100 Alt Shoulder Taps

• 100 LBCs

• 100 Apolo Ohnos

• 60 Carolina Dry Docs

• 60 Monkey Humpers – IC

• 60 Big Boys

Grinder repeated until Omaha was called at 6:05.


• Crunchy Frogs x20

• Heals to Heaven x15

• Low Dollys x20

• American Hammers IC, rancid-style

Count-a-rama and Name-a-rama followed. Announcements / Prayers.  No announcements were made. No prayers were called out, instead prayers were held silently in PAX hearts.

COT & Observations

“Individual commitment to a group effort. That is what makes teamwork, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” -Vince Lombardi

Upon setting up the workout area, Spacebar spotted a skunk roaming around in the gloom, doing whatever skunks do in the gloom. Spacebar notified the PAX of the skunk before the workout started. Spacebar was threatened to be banned from Q’ing ever again if a PAX was sprayed by the skunk. For better or worse, no PAX was sprayed… perhaps Spacebar will be banned from Q’ing for other reasons. T-Claps to our St Louis PAX Air Heart for meeting us in the gloom this morning!

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