Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 5:15am | Paradise Island | Regency Parkway| 27 Degrees with light breeze. A beautiful January in Paradise.

“Raw Hide”

23 PAX:  BlueChip, TC (#Respect), WaterBoy, Sparty, Maaco, IceTea, Ferdinand, TonyTheTiger, Huffy, Flanders, Bubbles, JeanClaude, Plague, SlowPitch, DirtyBird, Gunner, Skipper, TatorTot, Biff, Chicklets (#Respect), Khakis (#Respect), Gobbler, FireWalker. 

QIC:  Firewalker

4:45 am         Paradise Island Pre-Run:  TatorTot, TC, Gunner, Plague & FireWalker

5:15 am         Firewalker welcomed the Pax to F3 and Paradise Island.  Firewalker shared the mission of F3 – to Plant, Serve and Grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.   

Firewalker then covered the 5 core principles of F3.  1) Open to ALL men. 2.  Always Free.  3) Always held outdoors, 4) Always Lead in a rotating fashion and 5) Always Ending with a Circle of Trust (COT).  Firewalker shared that contrary to popular belief; he is most certainly NOT a professional.  Instructions were given… We split into two groups – SlowPitch took the TWO’s and FireWalker the ONE’s… Satellites acquired, running watches started and the pax split – IT WAS ON!


Warm-a-rama (parking lot)

  • High Knees – 15 IC
  • HillBillies – 15 IC
  • Tempo Merkins – 20 IC
  • Monkey Humpers – 20 IC
  • Harry Rockettes – 15 IC


            Pain Station 1 (Clubhouse)

  • 10 – 8 Count BodyBuilder (aka… 2 Push Ups Burpees) – OYO
  • Flutter Kicks / Arms Extended Parallel Above Head – 15 IC
  • Mosey to PS 2

Pain Station 2 (Dock)

  • Control Freak Merkins – Down on Down.  Up on Up (20)
  • BonnieBlairs – 25 IC
  • Mosey to PS 3

Pain Station 3 (Planter)

  • 10 – 8 Count BodyBuilder (aka… 2 Push Ups Burpees) – OYO
  • Low Dollies / Arms Extended Parallel Above Head – 15 IC
  • Mosey to PS 4

Pain Station 4 (Top of the World)

  • Control Freak Merkins – Down on Down.  Up on Up (20)
  • 20 Bobby Hurleys – Single Ct, on Down
  • Mosey to PS 5

Pain Station 5 (Regency Parking Lot)

  • Circle Burp (Choppy Feet)
    • Burpee on DOWN – each pax had a chance to call “down”.
  • Mosey to Shovel Flags for Mary


  • Hammers – 50 IC while both groups slowly emerged and converged on the shove flag.

6:10am          Name-o-rama.  See above.

                        Announcements/Prayer Requests: 

  • QSchool at the Pit on Saturday


  • Shared about my deep appreciation and excitement for the Pax of F3Minneapolis in welcoming my younger brother – Brickette (Hate) into their pax.  He had been to one workout here in Omaha and has now found his way back.  He showed up and found common ground with a few of the guys right away.  Make the ask.  Reach out to someone who need to know and experience F3.

Aye! Firewalker

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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