AO: Oscar Mike (at The Oracle) // Date: 1.16.2020 // Time: 0600-0700 // Weather: Cold (25), windy (15 mph), icy (like, break your back icy), gloomy (no sun, only darkness…except for Rolls Bar and YHC’s headlamps) // PAX: (5) RollBar, Wentworth, Gumbo, Kingpin, BetaMax // Q: BetaMax (4th of 21 Q’s in 2021).

Oscar Mike happens to join other AO’s (The Canyon, The Pit and The Oracle …. seriously? Why does EVERY AO on Saturday have to start with “The” except Oscar Mike?) and today was no exception. Given our close proximity to The Oracle’s Q, Waterboy and given that he already had launched into the F3 mission statement, YHC instructed Oscar Mike PAX to give Waterboy their full attention.

YHC did relay that there is a real chance of injury, modify as necessary, YHC is NOT a professional and given the slick surface, there was a real chance of not being able to walk if anyone got hurt.

YHC experienced the slick nature of the roads on a pre-run with Wentworth and Gumbo but made a judgement call to tackle the ice-covered trails and neighborhood side streets via ruck for the “main event” (i.e. unlike every other AO in F3Omaha, Oscar Mike doesn’t really “do” warm-o-rama or 6-minutes-of-Mary, which leaves one minute for the mission, purpose and core core principals of F3 (and disclaimer), two minutes for the brief name-o-rama and COT and 57 LONG minutes for weight-resistant cardio.

While the pace was a bit slower (about 3.2 miles covered vs our normal 3.6-3.8), the conversation resembled that of a Q Source; much emphasis was placed on the 8-block and all the PAX took turns sharing what they would tell their younger self, which, in and of itself, was a great reflection exercise.

Notable quote: Your grave marker relays your name and years on this earth; it does not contain your degrees, certifications, job titles, etc.

No prayers. COT: (borrowed) Life is like a camera. Stop to capture and appreciate moments and reflect on them later. Focus and/or swap out lenses to gain different perspective. Examine the negatives and learn from them.

Carpe Diem!



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