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“It’s My Birthday, I’ll make you cry if I want to”

PAX: Retweet, Wentworth, Cheap Seats, Tugboat (Toot, toot), Gumbo, BetaMax, Vandelay (RESPECT), Bloodshot, Spacebar, Dr. Thunder

QIC: Rollbar

YHC awoke today full of excitement, I truly love leading the HIM of this group, and kicking off my birthday this way is an awesome privlidge. The ruckers of Oscar Mike were gracious enough to pause and help YHC lay out the cones for the impending beatdown. (Shoutout to Doppler for hooking me up with cones and lights since I left mine sitting on the counter at home)

As I wrote this workout I warned my Sheildlock brothers that I already hated myself just for writing it, I felt like it was going to be brutal. I was right but underestimated the suck factor a bit. Woof.

As the PAX gathered from surrounding Gloom YHC shared the Mission and Core Principles of F3, and warned them that in spite of my advanced age I was NOT a professional, they should modify as needed. With that, we moved off the icy pavement to get to Warm-o-Rama.


  • Side straddle hop x20ic
  • Tappy taps x15ic
  • Sungods x20ic
  • Cherry Pickers x25ic

The Thang:

We moved down the trail toward Red Wing, to the snowy field where I had set out the lines of pain that would be our home of suffering for the next 45 minutes. We paired off and I explained that there were lists of exercise on line,as a pair we would be doing 43 reps, sprinting to the far cones to do 5 burpees, returning to the lists for another 43 reps of something else. 

The list read: 

  • Bonnie Blairs x43ic
  • Merkins x43 (single count)
  • LBCs x43ic
  • Copperhead Squats x43ic
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps x43ic
  • Big Boy Sit-ups x43ic
  • Brazillian Tugboats x43ic
  • Carolina Drydocks x43ic
  • Heels to Heaven x43ic
  • Hydraulic Squats x43ic
  • Cherry Pickers x43ic
  • American Hammers x43ic

Note to self: some of these exercises should NEVER be called for this many reps. Like, EVER. 

I don’t know that I’ve ever had my heart rate in the intense level that long from an hour long workout before. Woof.

All groups made it through the list at least once before YCH called a breathless “OMAHA” and we headed back to the shovel flags for some Mary. 

6 Minutes of Mary

Sweat Angels- 20 ic

American Hammers- 43 ic


It’s all about YOU vs YOU.

I was texting with my shield lock earlier this week and we were talking about this concept, and it got me thinking and writing. Here’s what I wrote:

We often catch ourselves comparing ourselves to another person. Maybe it’s right here, in F3, I can’t run as fast or as far as Firewalker, I can’t do endless burpees like the Plague, I’m not as jacked as Chicklets, I can’t squat as deep as Tugboat… maybe it’s your “more successful” sibling, the guy at work with the really cool car, or you devilishly handsome Q…JUST STOP IT!

Compare the you of today against the you of days gone by. Are you stronger? Fitter? Faster? Are you more durable?  Are you a better father and husband? Brother? Follower? Leader? Are you a better, YOU? This is the only comparison that matters. You vs. You.

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