Backblast: The Maize – The Islander and The Captain – Tater Tot (01/14/21)

Let me begin by saying I still get nervous and super excited every time that I am fortunate to lead the men of F3 and so grateful for the opportunity.  Tater Tot arrived at 4:45 AM on what was a balmy 40+ degree, windy and wet morning and started setting up some cones all over hell.  Tater noticed headlights in the parking lot for some pre-runners which got Tot pretty fired up.  It was a smooth ride around Whitehawk Lake with our brothers Patton, Vandelay, Doppler and Chip N’ Dale until not having a headlamp came to bite us in the rear.  My apologies for the river we ran through as that was a rude awakening to an enjoyable mosey. Nice work Vandelay catching up with the group after heading back to camp to see if we missed a HIM that had pulled in at 5:02am.  False alarm. 

Upon our return to the flags we had 17 PAX gathered and then a right-on-time-arrival of Khakis (respect) and this group was ready to rock ‘n’ roll. Tater Tot gave the introduction with some assistance from the group and encouraged the mumblechatter to begin. We were off..

PAX: Sasquash, Wait Time, Moon Man, Cheap Seats, Khakis (respect), Crab Cakes, Doppler, Chip N’ Dale, Vandelay (respect), Dr. Thunder, Pothole, Patton (respect), Lemon Law, Yodel, Tonight Show, Ketchup, Stogie and Tater Tot.

Pre Warm a Rama Thang

After a 15 second, 92 ft. mosey down an embankment we found a cone and lined up together-ish and Tater Tot welcomed the gloom with 20 yard up-hill crawl bears (reverse bear crawl). Some made it to the top of the hill and others were spread out where it was just avoiding small trees. Not exactly a well oiled start but whatever.  Head down and keep going.  It was quiet with a hint of anger in the air. We did this twice and off we went on the official mosey to warm a rama.

Warm a RamaSide Straddle Hop Circle Shimmy Thinga Thang

We circled up at the lower level of Copperfield where we spent 97% of our winter in 2018 led by our brother Ethanol (former Maize site Q) where he used his nose on his phone (hands were too cold) to go through his digital deck of cards, week after week. Tater Tot started 10 sideways side straddle hops moving the group synchronized counter-clockwise. When we stopped it was instructed that the PAX in between two pre-lit cones would need to backpedal up the embankment, complete a burpee and return. Non-back peddling PAX members completed a warm a rama exercise of their choice until the others returned. Tater Tot then asked a PAX member to holler out a number between five and 10 and we would start the side straddle hops in motion in a different direction and once again the packs members within the cones when we stopped would complete the hill and return. When Patton was asked to give a number, he had just completed a hill, and chose the number (4) to strategically make sure he would not land within those cones again. Veteran move. We did five rounds and then made our way up to The Thang which was waiting in the middle of the Cleveland Blvd.

The Thang – The Islanders and The Captains

Tater Tot numbered off in ones and twos and asked our site Q, Sasquatch, to lead his group which we named the Islanders and Tater Tot led the second group which we named the Captains. It was explained that these two team names had absolutely nothing to do with the actual workout. Team one was instructed to do sprint/jogs which was lined with six lit up cones for roughly 200 yards and once they hit F St. they would complete three burpee‘s together and sprint/jog back to the other group to relieve them from their exercises. We did this until Omaha was called. I should note that khakis (respect) proactively asked at 5:59am prior to their group running again if Omaha was going to be called. I laughed thinking it was a joke and then stopped smiling, and said no. We continued. Back up the hill they went.  I’m pretty sure he was asking for a friend though.

Group 1 – The Islanders

Group 2 – The Captains

  • Running Group:

Sprint/Jog 200 yards

3 Burpees together

Sprint/Jog 200 yards back to exercises

Exercise Group – rotated between these two each time they returned

  • 1st set of Exercises

10 Tempo Merkin Plank Jacks (There are good.  Try them)

20 Groiners

30 Werkins

Choice of Mary or side to side street shuffles until the other group returned

  • 2nd set of Exercises

10 Tempo Bonnie Blair’s (These are also good.  Try them)

20 Jump Squats

30 Calf Raises

Choice of Mary or side to side street shuffles until the other group returned

After Omaha was called Tater Tot ask the PAX to pair up for their mosey back to the shovel flags where it is always so enjoyable to listen to the chatter of the men of F3.  Sometimes, unknowingly, getting to know what could be a future best friend. Tater Tot found himself in a Vandelay and Ketchup sandwich and it was explained to Ketchup that he is automatically the next Nantan. Not sure if he fully conceptualized what that meant in the moment. God love F3 Atlanta for the naming of F3 Ketchup and God love Heinz.

We circled up at the shovel flags and had enough time to get some good Mary in.

Mary – Tater Tot tossed the leadership to the PAX to call out what exercise they would like to lead.

15 Frozen LBC’s – Tater Tot

20 Wind Shield Wipers – Sasquash

15 Freddy Mercury’s – Khakis (am I making this up?)

15 Low Dolly – Tonight Show

20 American Hammer – Lemon Law


Announcements: Queen Service Challenge, Respect Beatdown at Paradise Café on 01/15/21, February 12 Tap That…Vain Blood Drive and google doc sign-up.   

Prayers for Ketchup and his friend’s family after the loss of two recent family members and the grieving they are going through. Congratulations to Yodel for a family announcement. Congratulations to Clorox and their new baby. 


Tater Tot asked the PAX to close their eyes or find a space to imagine that they were in the middle of an ocean, stranded on an island, feeling scared, lonely, hungry, tired and hopeful for to be saved. After a lengthy amount of time the man on the island saw a boat which turned towards him and he felt the sensation of relief, excitement and the hope being helped to safety.   It was then asked of the PAX to visualize being in the middle of an ocean on a small boat by yourself, lost at sea, tired, hungry, scared and in the distance, you saw on island. On that island was a man waving and you felt excitement and hope that there was someone there to help you and that you would be saved. Both individuals were experiencing hardships and having difficulty changing their situation or finding hope within themselves. Neither of them realized that the other person was feeling the same desperate emotion and wishing they could be in the other persons situation. The islander wanted to be with captain of the boat and with the captain wanted to be on the island.

In life we are going to experience many hardships and one person’s joy may be another person’s dismay but in both instances these individuals yearned to be together. They found peace in the sight of a helpful wave in the distance, unknowing of their situation.  The bottom line is they wanted to be together rather than stay in their current situation alone, even if that meant the situation wasn’t going to change. 

Life is full of powerful moments and in these moments, we have an opportunity to share them, good and or bad, with others. When I am asked why I go to F3 every single day I possibly can it’s because of the feeling I receive by surround myself with good people and I want to share my life experiences with individuals that truly care about who I am and where I am were going in life. Very few of us know what the future of our current journey looks like but what we do know is that it feels a hell of a lot better to share these moments/journeys with others and many of those individuals are the men of F3.  Keep coming back to the gloom and you will build or strengthen these relationships that will assist you in life. 

Thank you as always for allowing me to lead and T-Claps to Khakis (respect) for the West Omaha Coffeteria as that was a HIM move to say the least!


Tater Tot

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