1/14/2021 | The Sandlot – Epic TwitterWars & New Running Routes

At exactly 5:30, Gobbler welcomed the 10 PAX to F3. At which point he stated the F3 Mission, then named 4 of the 5 core principles, 1.) Free, 2.) Open to ALL men, 3.) Led in a rotating fashion, 4.) Ends in a Circle of Trust. Maybe it was the cold, maybe it was the 45mph gusting wind, but he had a difficult time remembering the final principle, but luckily the assembled PAX reminded him of the fifth core principle, 5.) Its always held outdoors.

Gobbler explained that he was not an expert, and that the workout could be modified at any time on this new route. As it turns out, an injury did impact one of the PAX, but his name is being redacted for this BB.

At 5:31am the PAX began their trek west, in what is being dubbed the “6 to Midnight” route. This is a “moderately” flexible route that allows runners of all skill levels and paces to finish in approximately the same time. It does provide an additional mile for those that “finish early”, or for the slower, steady-paced runners an option to run around the lake, or call it a day at the 3.2 mile mark. Fitness and Fellowship happened along the route

At 6:05am Firewalker led a group in “Control Freak Dips”

At 6:10am Mary began, which consisted of LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Oblique Crunches (right and left), and ended with 15 Hammers

In light of last weeks violent protests at the US Capital, Gobbler quoted the great philosopher Spiderman, “With Great Power comes great responsibility.” He also quoted from the gospel of Luke, To whom much has been given, much will be expected.

No matter your political affiliation, liberal, conservative, republican, democrat, libertarian, independent, we have gravitated toward giving a deity status to our nationally elected officials. All too often we think they are going to be able to make swift, sweeping changes that better our daily lives. But in actuality, the changes that make the most difference happen locally, at an F3 workout, in your home, at your job. SO instead of looking to national political leaders, Gobbler challenged the PAX to make one small change today, January 14th, 2020. Make one more call to a prospective customer, reach out to a friend/PAX, play with your kids for an extra 5 minutes, have a conversation with your M. These are the changes that we can build on each day to make us better leaders in our communities, but most importantly make us better men.



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