Tuesday, January 12, 2021 | Sanitarium | Papillion-LaVista High School | 26 Degrees

PAX (15): Squeaky Clean, Soda Pop, Rooney, Knobs, Girl Dad, Ferdinand, Zorro (Hate), Tony the Tiger, Gobbler, Firewalker, Boiling Point, Grease Fire, Marve, Maaco, Sparty

QIC: Sparty

Pre-Runners: Trench, Firewalker, Ferdinand, Maaco, Grease Fire

Sparty was feeling really good this morning when he showed up as he was early to set up and get some laps in. He was quickly greeted by some of the South Side Swaggers that were gathering to get their pre-run in. Knobs had shared some concerns about ice on the track in the days leading up to today, so YHC had to get the lay of the land. All was good and after the lights and cones were put out, Sparty took a little mosey to clear his head. Upon returning to the flags, he was welcomed by our great site-Q. Men slowly trickled in as the pre-runners returned ad it was 05:30. YHC recited the traditional F3 Welcome and shared his name in case any of the newer PAX didn’t know him yet. After a quick disclaimer, it was time to get to work. Everyone took a mosey down to the football field and gathered behind the field goal post in the north endzone.

Warm-a-rama: Sparty Special

  • SSH – 5 IC

Pre-Pre Thang: The PAX didn’t know this was the first of 3 workouts. They kept good attitudes and while they first seemed discombobulated, they quickly got their wits about them as they started running.

  • Partner-Burpee Mile: One man runs a lap while the other does burpees (AMRAP). Upon the runners return, they switch roles. Each person does 2 rounds of each which will add up to 4 laps, a mile. We held a plank after we finished to wait for the 6.

YHC then shared it was time for the “Pre-Thang.” There was some definite confusion and concern as there were 3 lights on the field and we were going the opposite direction. Sparty took them to a terrible hill. A hill so nasty the Berm would gush at it. Speaking of The Berm, the NW Boys hated Sparty’s Tabata so much there that he decided to share it with the south siders.

Pre-Thang: Tabata

  • 20 seconds Bernie Sanders, 10 seconds of monkey humpers. Seems easy, right. After 1 minute you will hate it. We did it for 6.

As YHC tried to keep encouraging the men to keep pushing and acknowledging their hard work, Knobs spoke up from the group and share that there wasn’t any mumblechatter. Sparty’s dirty heart was smiling! After the bell rang, YHC quickly asked the men to mosey over to the lights for the Thang.

Thang: 2 Man Grinder, Legs feed the Wolf

  • Hydraulic Squats – 50 IC
  • Gorilla Humpers – 75 IC
  • Jackhammers – 100 C
  • Hand-Release Burpees – 50 C
  • Squat Jumps – 75 C
  • High Knees – 100 IC
  • Single Leg Lunges – 50 C
  • Groiners – 75 C
  • Mountain Climbers – 100 IC

“Omaha” was called at 06:08 and there was a large sigh of relief over the PAX. The men did great. Lot of encouragement for one another as they pushed through the exercises. Sparty was very proud of the group.

MoM: American Hammers – 37 IC

Name-o-rama: Sparty wasn’t familiar with everyone so he was doing his best to listen to the names and not screw anyone up. 2 things worth sharing: Zorro, HATE! Sorry I missed that brother. And Ferdinand, in case you didn’t know or never heard me say it, after your name I always say “is that you?” as it refers to the movie Ferdinand and it’s a funny part of the movie that my kids love.

Announcements: Queen Service round 3 started. Q-School this Saturday at the Pit. If you want to get on the Q Schedule, let Firewalker or Knobs know and they can help get you on there.

Prayers: Royalty’s M is having her baby today. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers!

COT: Someone I’ve talked a lot about and have even dedicated a whole beatdown to is Steve Gleason. He deeply inspires me and this last week he had his 10 year anniversary of when he was diagnosed with ALS. He did a quick reflection and wrote about how he feels and what he’s learned over the last 10 years. He ended it with a quote that I will carry with me going forward, “I trust that my future is greater than my past. My past has been pretty fucking epic. So I have extraordinary expectations for my future!”

Man, that is powerful! Put that into perspective with what this man has endured over the last decade and yet he is incredibly grateful for the opportunity and even calls it “Epic.” We have so many people running around complaining and blaming 2020 and even 2021 for the problems in their life and using it to make excuses. Be grateful for the things you have in your life and the incredible lives that we are all living. My last 10 years have been awesome, but I too look forward to my future knowing that it will be even better. Which means I will have extraordinary expectations! Thank you for the opportunity to lead today!

YHC took the PAX out in prayer.



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