January 9, 2021 | Aldrich Elementary School | AO – The Oracle | 27 degrees

A group of PAX started off the crisp morning for a 0500 pre-run.  After a nice 5K jaunt around a dark West Omaha neighborhood, the group picked up more PAX at 0530 for an additional 5K.  After arriving back to the flags with a good sweat, they were ready to join the rest of the group for a beatdown.

PAX:  Wait-Time, Blue Suede, Tater-Tot, Arm-Bar, Cheap Seats, Dr. Thunder, Vandelay (respect), Tonight Show, The Curse, Scrapper, Chucky, Road-House, Waterboy, Da Vinci (respect, respect), Touche, Grillz, Two-Step, Toto, The Plague, LPC, Hard-Hat, Convoy, Khakis (respect), Bird-Man, Slow Pitch, Tube Socks, Pothole

Q: Pothole

This is F3 – Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.  Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Core principles:1. Workouts are free of charge.2. Open to all men.3. Held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold.4. Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion.5. Ends in a Circle of Trust.

Disclaimer: Pothole is not a professional – PAX should modify as needed.


The PAX moseyed to the warm-a-rama location in an adjacent business parking lot.- Tappy Taps 12 IC- Windmills 12 IC- Imperial Walks 12 IC- Side Straddle Hops 20 IC- Sun Gods with Calf Raises 20 IC (10 each direction)


The PAX moseyed to the open grass field behind the school.  After circling up, Pothole referenced taking the group back to his days of Benson High School Bunnies football for what comes next (while also giving Tater-Tot credit for a similar exercise in the past).  While performing High-Knees, PAX members would take turns in calling for performing a Burpee around the circle in a clock-wise fashion.  After about 20 Burpees, the group moved to a Plank position for 30 seconds then into a Chill-Cut Plank for another 30 seconds.  After another 10 or so Burpees and another minute of Planks, the group moseyed up the hill to a business parking lot for the regular workout.


The PAX counted off into groups to take on four different stations.  Each group performed every exercise at each station before moving on to the next in either a side shuffle or 1995 Cornhusker football-style backpedal.  After completing the first round, the PAX attacked the stations a second time with half the reps.

Group 1:  Arms and Abs- Merkins  20- Alternating Shoulder Taps  20 IC- Diamond Merkins  20- Plank  30 sec.

Group 2:  Legs- Lunges  15 each leg- Jump Tucks  20 – Air Squats  30- Bonnie Blairs  20 IC

Group 3:  Full Body- Burpees  15- Werkins  20- Cherry Pickers in an Air Squat position  20 IC- Hand Release Merkins  15

Group 4:  Abs- Freddy Mercurys  20 IC- Mountain Climbers  20 IC- Flutter Kicks  20 IC- Pickle Pushers  20 IC- Box Cutters  20 IC

PAX moseyed back to the school and because of Roadhouse’s enjoyment of such exercises, the group performed rounds of Balls to the Wall and Donkey Kicks.  Following a session of Mary, which included Dying Cockroaches, Heel Touches and American Hammers, the beatdown was concluded.  Pothole avoided every Q’s fear in recording a successful Name-a-Rama.

Circle of Trust:

Pothole makes mention that this time of year, following the holidays and in the midst of winter is usually a difficult time for many (especially now with the ongoing pandemic and following the unrest at the nation’s Capitol earlier in the week).  Pothole shares with the group that he has struggled in life in finding an appropriate balance and often partakes in excess (whether its partying, gambling and other such things).  Finding the right balance in life is so important in being a spouse, a father, in social settings and in work.  With this balance, Pothole finds that keeping things even-keel is helpful.  A simple, yet effective message in encouraging the other PAX to find that balance in their lives.


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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