Heavy Metal Backblast: Superheroes and their sidekicks (Mentor/Mentee)

January 6, 2021 | Ruck @ 0500, beatdown @ 0530  | AO: Heavy Metal | Elements: 35 degrees, light rain | Super hero training camp was held at Marvel HQ (Stinson Park’s stage) 

PAX (19) Z Bo, Bloodshot, Wentworth, Nugent, Cyclone, UHaul, Hipster, Sticky Bandit, Spacebar, Stella, Portajohn, Moon man, Doppler, Othello, Folsom, Tuner, Honey Stinger, Safe Ride, BetaMax 

Q: BetaMax  

The start of the violin portion of the Batman opening theme song played, softly, but growing louder, as YHC slowly and articulately relayed the F3 mission, core principles, and proclaimed that I am not a professional.  

The theme of the beatdown was superheroes (normal exercise) and their sidekicks (modified option for the bruisers) 

Warm O Rama  

  • Batman Theme song to Bat wings  
  • Superman (flat on stomach with arms and feet off the ground in a flying position & Super boy (high plank) 
  • Spiderman Peter Parkers  

The Thang  

  • Incredible hulk smash (smash dumbbells together and then bring down, overhead) 
  • Flash mountain climbers  
  • Thor overhead hammer swings (halo’s) 
  • Antman low jacks  
  • Captain America shield throw  
  • Aquaman upside down swim  
  • Hawkeye arrow pulls (alternating) 
  • Daredevil squats w/ punches  
  • Green Lantern single arm clean and press  
  • Deadpool – pickle pushers  
  • Deadpool – oh yeah’s  
  • Repeat 


  • Dr. Strange infinity ab routine 
  • Winter Soldier cross punch big boys  
  • Black panther elbow plank twist 
  • Thor ab hammers 


Queen Service Round 1 (2021) kicks off Friday and ends right before Easter (12 weeks).  See Slack for details. 

Bruiser-based workouts are back for those PAX who are injured.  Stay tuned into Twitter for details.  Heavy Metal is the ONLY AO that is always open to all bruisers.  Post and we’ll help you modify.  


Prayers for friends of the PAX who are sick with COVID, some who are in the hospital.   


Just as the superhero sidekicks sometimes become the main superhero (e.g. Sam Wilson / Falcon becomes Captain America or Dick Grayson/Robin becomes Nightwing), younger men should seek out a mentor to learn from.  Apprentice and tradecraft jobs are not the traditional path for vocations, but they are wildly successful, because each apprentice learns under a skilled tradecraft master.   

For the RESPECT, RESPECT/RESPECT in the PAX (50+) – invest in our young PAX to share lessons you’ve learned 

For the HATE/HATE, HATE and even those in their 30’s & 40’s – seek wisdom and council from your elders 

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